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Skyrim HD - High Res Textures Mod

Skyrim HD 2k Textures mod by NebuLa. (Skyrim High Resolution Textures.)

Description: This Mod replaces the old Low-Resolution textures with High-Resolution ones, which are 4x - 8x higher than the original ones.
They are completely made from scratch and not just upsampled and sharpened.

Changed Textures:
- Whiterun
- Mountains
- Cliffs
- Parts of Nature
- Tundra Rocks
- Windhelm (coming soon)


Download from SkyrimNexus

Download from FilePlanet

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I install this?
A: First you can use the Mod Manager from Or you install them manually: Extract the package, and copy the "textures"
folder into "skyrim/data". Finished!

Q: How do I uninstall this?
A: Just delete the "texture" folder in "skyrim/data".

Q: Why does the Mountains look like Sandpaper?
A: Because you didn't installed the Update.

Q: Why my game crashes withouth any error message?
A: Use the LAA-Mod, it should fix the CTD's (Crash To Desktop). You can download it here:

Q: I already installed the LAA-Mod a while ago but still got crashes?
A: Install it again! When Bethesda releases little patches that replace the Game-Executable, the LAA-Mod will not be enabled.

Q: Does this mod drop my FPS really hard?
A: Depends on your computer. Version 1.0.2 only affects your fps by 1-3. Version 1.1 will eat some more fps, depending on many factors.
If you got really bad fps, try out the LITE version. It includes just the most obvious textures.


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