Skyrim Innkeeper Locations

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Skyrim Innkeeper Locations

The innkeepers in Skyrim are very useful. There is a random chance that an innkeeper will point you towards the start of a quest. There is a chance that this quest will be either a regular Side Quest, Bounty Quest (repeatable.) or a Daedric Quest. Innkeepers can also provide you with contact to the Dark Brotherhood or Thieves Guild.

Below is a list of all the innkeepers in Skyrim and where they can be found.

Innkeeper: Faida
Location: Haafungar
Settlement: Dragon Bridge
Inn / Taven: Four Shields Tavern.

Innkeeper: Corpulus Vinius
Location: Haafingar
Settlement: Solitude
Inn / Taven: The Winking Skeever

Innkeeper: Wilhelm
Location: The Rift
Settlement: Ivarstead
Inn / Taven: Vilemyr Inn

Innkeeper: Keerava
Location: The Rift
Settlement: Riften
Inn / Taven: The Bee and Barb

Innkeeper: Dagur
Location: Winterhold
Settlement: Winterhold
Inn / Taven: The Frozen Hearth

Innkeeper: Hulda
Location: Whiterun
Settlement: Whiterun
Inn / Taven: The Bannered Mare

Innkeeper: Eydis
Location: The Reach
Settlement: Old Hroldan
Inn / Taven: Old Hroldan Inn

Innkeeper: Valga Vincia
Location: Falkreath
Settlement: Falkreath
Inn / Taven: Dead Man's Drink

Innkeeper: Iddra
Location: Eastmarch
Settlement: Kynesgrove
Inn / Taven: The Braidwood Inn

Innkeeper: Kleppr
Location: The Reach
Settlement: Markarth
Inn / Taven: The Silver-Blood Inn

Innkeeper:  Mralki
Location: Whiterun
Settlement: Rorikstead
Inn / Taven: The Frostfruit Inn

Innkeeper: Thoring
Location: The Pale
Settlement: Dawnstar
Inn / Taven: Windpeak Inn

Innkeeper: Hadring
Location: The Pale
Settlement: Nightgate Inn
Inn / Taven: Nightgate Inn

Innkeeper: Ekda Early-Dawn
Location: Eastmarch
Settlement: Windhelm
Inn / Taven: Candlehearth Hall

Innkeeper: Jonna
Location: Hjaalmarch
Settlement: Morthal
Inn / Taven: Moorside Inn

Innkeeper:  Orgnar
Location: Whiterun
Settlement: Riverwood
Inn / Tavern: Sleeping Giant Inn
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