Alan Wake's American Nightmare Details

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Alan Wake's American Nightmare Details

The latest issue of Xbox World had a bunch of new Alan Wake's American Nightmare details which you can find below.

  • When Wake disappeared at the end of the first game a twisted urban legend was born, and it’s been told over and over says Lake “In Wake’s world fiction has a habit of coming true.” 
  • Wake’s wife Alice returned to civilization but Wake stayed trapped in the Dark Place beneath Cauldron lake, trying to write himself to freedom.The legend goes that Wake disappeared into the woods and returned as Mr Scratch – a serial killer made real by Dark Place in Cauldron lake. “It’s a classic idea of a boogieman.” says Lake. “Repect his name too many times and you invoke him. Mr Scratch is headed west towards Wake’s wife, and Wake is following him across Arizona towards the town of Night Springs. All the way Scratch is taunting Wake, leaving him videos of his horrifying deeds.”
  •  Wake has learnt a lot since we last saw him. He can rewrite reality with his words and that becomes something of a puzzle in the game. Episode of Night Springs is really happening or is this a fiction created by Wake in an attempt to escape from the darkness? Says Lake “it’s clear time has passed the in the real world. If you explore Night Springs and pay attention to conversations, the new manuscript pages.TVs and radios, you learn Wake’s wife has been doing since her husband disappeared, and find out what Wake’s friend and agent.”
  • Some enemies react to light in an unexpected way, like “The Splitter.” The Splitter is a Taken who divides in two when exposed to torchlight. “Then there’s a birdman who dissipates into a flock birds when you try to shoot at him or catch him in your beam. He’ll fly away and swarm back into a man before attacking. “To encounter them, the new Crossbow can pierce the darkness that protects enemies even without you burning it away with light  first” And if that fails? You just use overwhelming firepowder with Wake’s new Uzi, a military grade rifle, or goddamned nailgun.”
  • “Till Dawn” survival mode its maps take all over Arizona, from a trailer park to a gold rush ghost town and even a century-old cemetery. In America, that’s old. “There are quite a few maps, unique from the story mode”  Hakkinen says “you’re armed to the teeth with weapons, flares, flashbangs and – of course – a flashlight. You keep using them whatever you can get your hands on in a desperate struggle to survive til dawn. And I gotta warn you… it really isn’t easy.” Resident Evil’s Mercenaries is the obvious one – a fight for survival against endless waves of undead and for the really hardcore says Hakkinen “Nightmare Arcade mode too..”

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