Massive Xbox 360 Dashboard Update On The Way

Massive Xbox 360 Dashboard Update On The Way

The new Xbox 360 dashboard update is almost here, and it is packed full of new features. New features include integrated voice and gesture controls, personal and social features including cloud storage for all of your save games as well as your LIVE profile, enhanced family settings, a bing voice search and new apps for movies, videos, sports, television and music. The menu layout of the 360 dashboard has also changed.

The cloud storage option lets you carry your profile with you anywhere you go, and where there was only an option to keep your game saves on a Hard Drive or a USB, there is now a third option which lets you save your profile and game saves to the cloud storage.

The new dashboard was supposed to launch this morning, but it has been delayed a little bit. Expect the update by the end of today.

Update: The update is now live!

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