New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Information

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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Information

Last week Famitsu delivered the first review of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and gave the game a perfect score of 40/40.

Below you can find a bunch of new details about Final Fantasy XIII-2 from the reviewers at Famitsu.

  • Tons of content
  • High degree of freedom
  • Takes roughly 40 hours to finish
  • Up to 100 hours (or more) with all the yarikomi elements
  • Straight paths are no longer present
  • Battles are fun
  • Little hand-holding
  • You’ll need to use a high degree of strategy during battles
  • Get drawn into the game from the start
  • Story is easy to understand
  • There are a lot of sidequests and conversation choices
  • Multiple endings make one reviewer want to play the game again
  • Sudden changes in the game’s time periods make it all seem fresh
  • Party is always Noel, Serah + monsters, which will lead to some mixed opinions
  • “Light users” can change to easy mode
  • Has DLC
  • Many monsters
  • One reviewer believes the game lives up to XIII
  • Multiple endings
  • Has a different “feel” than XIII
  • Can go back to areas you’ve cleared and see new developments if you do them again
  • Leveling up monsters is fun
  • Difference between CG/normal gameplay scenes isn’t high because XIII-2 is so pretty, according to one reviewer
  • Looking for items is fun
  • Can move around in certain event scenes
  • Music is impressive
  • One reviewer thinks changing around paradigms and monsters make the battles fun
  • You’ll get hooked to the story from the beginning; you’ll worry about the characters’ futures
  • Game has “tips” that can help those who are having trouble understanding the story
  • Still has that crunching feeling in the battles from XIII
  • More accessible; even new players can enjoy XIII-2
  • Collecting monsters and merging them is a lot of fun
  • XIII-2 has many mini-games
  • Many of the first game’s flaws are gone

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