New Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Trailer

New Mass Effect 3 Gameplay Trailer

Here is the Mass Effect 3 exclusive gameplay trailer that made its debut at tonight's Spike Video Game Awards 2011.

Mass Effect 3 is the third game in the popular Mass Effect series, and is rumored to be the final installment. Players will continue the adventures of Commander Shepard utilizing extreme character customization which is the hallmark feature of the series.

Mass Effect 3 will be released March 6, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC.

Additional features include: the ability to import decisions from both of the previous games into the new game, ownership/play of previous games not required, customizable weapons, improved mobility and melee combat, many returning characters (if they were not killed off in previous imported games), an improved cover system that allows for more action, compatibility with the Kinect Sensor for Xbox 360 and more

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