Samurai & Dragons Details from Famitsu

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Samurai & Dragons Details from Famitsu

Below is new information about Samurai & Dragons, the free to play RPG for Vita from the latest issue of Famitsu.
  • Mix between action stages and strategic city building gameplay
  • Want to use the Near functionality of Vita for a type of communication that can’t be achieved on a cell phone
  • Playable at Jump Festa
  • City building referred to the “Battle Part”
  • As you expand your territory, you’ll come into contact with the kingdoms of other players, and will face off against one-another in card-based battles
  • Vita chosen because it can always be connected online, has numerous features the staff wanted to use
  • Team has ideas for how to use the touch screen and motion sensors
  • Made by SEGA’s new Online Entertainment Research Department team
  • Similar to the iOS game Kingdom Conquest
  • Yakuza producer Masayoshi Kikuchi is chief producer for this title
  • Winner receives the land and expands his territory
  • Goal is to take over the world
  • Samurai & Dragons name comes from an attempt to mix West and East
  • Dragons are enemies in the game
  • Four players work together to battle through a dungeon and defeat a boss for the action part
  • Spirits, skeletons, other creatures included as well

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