WWE'12 Cheats, Unlockables, Passwords

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WWE'12 Cheats, Unlockables, Passwords

WWE'12 cheats, unlockables, passwords and more.


To enter passwords:

1. Select My WWE
2. Options
3. Cheat Codes

Password: OhHellYeah! 
Unlocks: WWE Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship

Unlockables: (Discovered by Kashhoward)

Unlockable Wrestler How to Unlock
Arn Anderson Viillain Story Cutscene
Booker T Hero Story Cutscene 8-1
Brock Lesnar Win a singles match in Universe
Demolition Win the Undisputed Tag Titles in Universe
Eddie Guerrero Hero Story 7-1
Edge Villain Cutscene
Goldust Win a match with Cody Rhodes
Kevin Nash Outsider Story Cutscene 5-2
Michelle McCool Win Divas Title in Universe
Ricky Steamboat Hero Story Cutscene
Road Warriors Hero Story Cutscene 10-1
Stone Cold Complete Villain Story or Defend WWE Title in Universe Mode
Vader Hero Story Cutscene 6-2
Vince McMahon Hero Story Cutscene

Unlockable Attires How to Unlock
Arn Anderson's Civilian Attire Hero Story Scene 5-1
Dashing Cody Rhodes Villain Story Scene 4-1
Drew McIntyre Suit Attire Villain Story Scene 13-2
Edge Entrance Attire Villain Story 15-2
HHH Street Attire Outsider Story Cutscene
John Cena Entrance Attire Villain Story 1-4
John Cena Purple Attire & John Cena with T-Shirt Play two different Wrestlemania Matches featuring Cena in Universe
Kevin Nash Suit Attire Hero Story 14-1
Mr.McMahon Suit Attire Hero Story Cutscene
Randy Orton without Beard Go into a Wretlemania Match with Randy in Universe
Sheamus Suit Attire Villain Story 18-1
Sheamus T-Shirt Attire Villain Story 5-4
Undertaker Hooded Attire Go into a Wretlemania Match with Undertaker in Universe
Wade Barrett Suit Attire Villain Story 19-

Unlockable Arena How to Unlock
Bragging Rights Win a match in this ppv in Universe
Clash of Champions Hero Story Cutscene at PPV
Extreme Rules Win a match in this ppv in Universe
Fatal 4-Way Win a match in this ppv in Universe
Hell in a Cell Win a match in this ppv in Universe
Money in the Bank Win a match in this ppv in Universe
Night of Champions Win a match in this ppv in Universe
NXT Arena Hero Story Cutscene
Over the Limit Win a match in this ppv in Universe
Starrcade Hero Story Cutscene
Survivor Series Win a match in this ppv in Universe
TLC Win a match in this ppv in Universe
Tribute to the Troops Finish a year of Universe
WCW Monday Nitro Hero Story 21-1

Entrance Theme How to Unlock
Jacob Cass Entrance Hero Story Cutscene 2-1
King of Kings Theme Outsider Story Cutscene
Mr. McMahon Entrance Hero Story Cutscene
Undertaker Entrance Win with Undertaker at Wrestlemania in Universe
United Kingdom Entrance Villain Story Cutscene

Unlockable Title How to Unlock
Champion of Champions Title Win a title at Night of Champions
Classic Intercontinental Title Win the Intercontinental Title
ECW Title Win a title at Extreme Rules
European Title Villain Story 10-1
Hardcore Title Win a title in a falls count anywhere match
Light Heavyweight Title Win a title with Mysterio
Million Dollar Title With a title with Ted DiBiase
WCW Spray Painted World Heavyweight Title Hero Story Cutscene 13-1
WCW Spray Painted WWE Title Hero Story Cutscene
WCW Title Hero Story Cutscene
World Tag Team Title With the titles on SmackDown
WWE Attitude Era Title Win the WWE title with Stone Cold
WWE Tag Team Title Win the titles on Raw
WWE Undisputed Title Win the WWE title with HHH at a PPV

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