Dark Souls Pyromancer Stats Tips

Dark Souls Pyromancer Stats Tips

Here are some useful tips for which stats to invest in as a Pyromancer in Dark Souls.

Pyromancers don't rely on attunement for more spell slots, therefore, you should just put your points into endurance, followed by the strength or dexterity for your weapon of choice. Dex weapons are more recommended if you want to PVP later in the game.

Pyro Stats Overview:
  • Vitality -  This stat increases your HP and should be your second priority when spending souls.
  • Attunement- This stat increases the number of spells you can equip, although it may seem important to a pyro, at the start you only have one spell to equip, so you don't need to worry about this stat.
  • Endurance - This stat increases your stamina, equipment load, and defensive stats. This should be your primary stat until 40. At 40, Stamina stops increasing.
  • Strength - This parameter is required to wield more powerful STR weapons, and boosts weapon attack. It is recommended to get this to 16 to wield most of the weapons you will want to use.
  • Dexterity - This parameter allows you to wield more powerful DEX weapons and also boosts attack with those weapons. Recommended to have around 14 dex in order to be able to use many useful weapons throughout the game.
  • Resistance - Although this stat may seem useful, it is actually the least useful stat in Dark Souls, don't put any points into it.
  • Intelligence - Int is required for Sorcery magics, as a pyromancer, you will not be needing this stat.
  • Faith - This is used for Miracle magics, also not needed as a pyromancer.
So bascially, start with Endurance for the stamina, defense and equip load, then put some points into STR or DEX to use more powerful weapons, and put Vitality as needed. Don't skip on the HP though, it will come in handy during boss fights.

If you have any other tips for pyromancer stats in Dark Souls, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.

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