Destiny Concept Art and Details

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Destiny Concept Art and Details

IGN uploaded a video of Destiny that contains official concept art and details. Both can be found below after the page break.

Concept Art:

Destiny Details:

  •  No subscrpition fee
  •  First person shooter
  •  "mythic science fiction universe"
  •  Always connected (like an MMO)
  •  Can play by solo, with your friends or others
  •  Competitive/co-op play
  •  Social elements
  •  Will be available for the PS3, 360, and “future generation technology”
  •  “Vex”, “Kabal”, “The Fallen” are different races/factions of enemies
  •  At least 3 classes
  •  Can wield  magic
  •  Classes: Hunter (Sniper), Warlock (Magic), Titan (possible Assault class)
  •  Space Zombies
  •  Can travel to Mars
  •  Time travelling robots (enemies)
  •  Raid-type dungeons

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