Dota 2 Guide: Picking Your Hero

Dota 2 Guide: Picking Your Hero by Purge.






Techies *Not in Dota 2 yet*





Shadow Fiend

Templar Assassin


These are just general guidelines. None of those heroes are bad necessarily, but they take a little getting used to. You can’t just play your first game of dota and go 15-0-17 with silencer. It just isn’t going to happen.

This is just small selection of all the heroes in DotA, and this doesn't mean that the rest of the heroes aren't challenging to learn.

Here are some pretty easy heroes who's usefullness is easy to take advantage of. I'd recommend playing them to any new person to DotA. In parenthesis are the most common names for those heroes even if they aren't the proper titles.


Venomancer (Veno)

Chaos Knight (CK)


Sand King (SK)

Skeleton King (SK)


Vengeful Spirit (Venge)

Ogre Magi

Crystal Maiden (CM)

Tidehunter (Tide)

Slardar (Slar)

Witch Doctor (WD)



All of the heroes I just listed are not super complicated to play, and that is why they are great heroes to play for new people. Most of these heroes have 1 or 2 important skills, and that covers most of their usefulness. I will not explain how to play these heroes, but go search for a guide for each of these heroes. Usually the guides give you very good guidelines and let you play those heroes to 80-100% effectiveness. Keep in mind that I listed a few Hard Carries there, and I listed the ones who are pretty simple. I listed those heroes because of their simplicity, not because you can easily dictate the game with them. Keep in mind that any hero with a Stun is going to be WAY more useful/easy to use, generally. Stuns are your friend. They make it much easier to win the game.

Now, really talented players will ALWAYS play these heroes WAY better than newbies, but for a new person who can't handle more than one spell to cast, these are the heroes you will want to play to get used to DotA, and make the skill curve hurt less. At the least, you won't feel confused when you read their skills and try playing the heroes.

You may not realize this, but I listed virtually no carries as heroes to recommend. The only ones I did were Skeleton King and Chaos Knight. They have very few skills(1 of which is a stun), you farm up, and you right click a hero until they die. Other carries are more complicated, and at the least, you NEED to know the strengths and weaknesses of the heroes you are fighting because it allows you to play to your heroes' strengths.

Some people would argue that any new player should not play carries(which I agree with), but we can't hold your hand forever, so at least play the ones that are easy to get used to and execute(compared to other carries).

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