PlayStation 4 Comments from Hideo Kojima

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PlayStation 4 Comments from Hideo Kojima

Here are some comments from the Metal Gear Solid creator about the PS4. Kojima states that even though he believes in the focus of the PS4's social features, he feels that the success of the platform will ultimately rest on the games that are released. The full quote is below:

"Of course, I know what the hardware is, but I want to see how other companies are using it. First of all, I think that’s great, but it’s nothing special; you could see it coming. It’s the logical evolution of the platform and I think it has to head in that direction, hearing what you said is not surprising. Honestly, I think all of that is good and great. "

"Social aspects, the multidevice direction: that’s correct, that’s the way to go. But just because it has these features doesn’t mean it’s going to be a success. What will really determine whether or not it sells is what titles will be available for the platform. And unfortunately, even though I am friends with Mark Cerny, he’s never told me what other studios are working on. I even ate a meal with him recently and he didn’t tell me anything."

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