Dark Souls 2 New Gameplay, Screenshots and Information

Dark Souls 2 New Gameplay, Screenshots and Information

Below is a new 12 minute gameplay trailer of Dark Souls 2, some screenshots as well as new information. So far it looks like Dark Souls 2 will be staying true to the original.

Some features and changes in Dark Souls 2:
  • You will be able to wield and light torches. Light and dark plays a much larger role this time around.
  • Deflect weapons/missiles which are thrown at you with your own weapon.
  • Enemies have a new and more advanced AI / reaction system.
  • Humanity has been removed. The Estus flask however returns.
  • "Keymouth"/stone key which can be used to trigger certain events in certain parts of the game. It's up to the player to chose where to use the stone keys.
  • You're able to shoot arrows while moving and dual wield weapons.
  • Possible day/night cycle.
  • Improved real time shadow mapping.
  • New motion capture technique used to give movement and combat a more natural feel.


More screenshots after the page break..

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