Dead Island Riptide Legendary Weapons Guide

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Dead Island Riptide Legendary Weapons Guide

Here is a Dead Island Riptide Legendary Orange Weapons guide by dm.

Detailed steps on how to obtain legendary orange weapons in Dead Island Riptide:

  1. Go to Mataka Village and sit there for five hours. Make sure you have a wired controller or a USB cord that plugs into your wireless controller so that it stays on and doesn't pause your game.
  2. After waiting for five hours you can go to the fast travel map and select Handerson ferry station.
  3. Once the loading screen is finished, turn around and enter the fast travel map and select Halai Village.
  4. Once that map loads go to your right and there will be a metal case on the bottom shelf. Open this case and there will always be an orange legendary weapon inside.
  5. Repeat this process as many times as you want. The key is to travel back to a village with a metal case, so you can get a legendary weapon from it each time.

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