Eve Online Damage Done By NPCs

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Here's the damage that the NPCs in Eve Online do. It's best to equip special resistance modules to counter these when doing tough missions.

Angel - All
Amarr Navy - EM/Thermal
Gurista, Mordus, Gallente - Kinetic/Thermal
Blood - EM/Thermal
Sansha - EM/Thermal
Serpentis - Kinetic/Thermal
Mercenary - EM/Thermal/Kinetic (missiles)
Caldari Navy - Kinetic/Thermal
Khanid - EM/Thermal
Zazzmatazz - all types of dmg
Mordus - Kinetic/thermal
Rogue Pirate - EM/Explosive/Kinetic (EM)
Odamian - Kin/therm

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