Monster Hunter Online Information

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Monster Hunter Online Information

Here is some information and a few screenshots about the newly announced Monster Hunter Online which is powered by the CryEngine 3. Thanks to Max from Neogaf for this information and notes. More screenshots can be found after the page break. Also in case you missed it, we posted the Monster Hunter Online trailer video earlier today.
  • Time of day system, where as time goes by the lighting changes
  • Playable with gamepad,says even with keyboard and mouse you'll still be able to play well
  • Weather changes, some monsters will have different skill sets depending on the weather
  • Sword and shield has a new jumping slash move
  • Greatsword has a new horizontal slash, it's mainly for monster parts that are very tough/hard, maybe has low chance of the sword bouncing
  • Longsword has 2 staged circular slash, wastes a lot of stamina 
  • Special move system
  • After meeting some battle requirements, you can unleash this move
  • Light bowgun's special move is insta-paralyse shot, you fire a shot that sticks on the enemy, and melee attacks needed to detonate the shot for it to activate
  • Longsword's is a jumping downward stab move, but the article says the sword stabs the ground, so maybe there's some aoe effects
  • Will have battles on transport vehicles, mentions water battles and air battles (battle on airship perhaps?)
  • Unlike MH frontier, this game will have a city / main hub
  • Will have plenty of monsters, both from the old and new series, even those from MH frontier
  • 24 player required monsters

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