Magic 2014 Advanced Options Guide

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Magic 2014 Advanced Options Guide

Here's a small guide on what the advanced options in Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 do and which ones you should toggle on and off. They are a bit confusing to a new player, so hopefully this guide will help you decide which options to keep on or off.
  • Simplified Targeting: This should be kept off at all times because it prevents you from using spells like Sign in Blood on yourself to draw cards, or other similar spells.
  • Hold Priority: This option makes it so you have to press continue to end each phase of the game. I prefer to keep this on to remind myself not to miss anything before ending my turn.
  • Browse Entire Library: This will show your whole library when using cards that search it. This option is a personal preference.
  • Order Blockers Automatically: This is the option to choose the blocking order, keep this off for more control over the game.
  • Always Use Optional Abilities: This should be kept off because there will be times when using optional abilities will not be beneficial during a turn.
  • Auto Resolution: This is also best kept off because it will give you more control over which spells and abilities get used, many times you will not want those abilities to be activated, and with this option off, you have control over that.
If you have any of your own tips on any of the advanced or other options in Magic 2014, please post them below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.

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