Forza 5 Developer Explains Cloud Technology

Forza 5 Developer Explains Cloud Technology

Now that the dust has settled, we can finally get some facts about the upcoming next-gen technology. Forza 5 developer Dan Greenawalt has stated that using cloud technology in Forza 5, players will be able to create a "super computer agent that can drive for you," and "race against a version of your friends of family".

"Forza is always known for pushing AI and in the past we called it the Drivatar so in Forza Motorsport 1 and all the way through 2, 3 and 4, we used Drivatar technology and that's a learning neural network. With Forza Motorsport 5 we are doing something all new. We've moved the Drivatar system in the Cloud so that it can process incredibly means basically super computer level of processing and that means you now have an Agent, something which drives for you."

He went on to say that the cloud can capture the racing styles of your family and friends and then create a version of them to race against them. 

"Now while you are racing, while I am racing I  get to race against you, my friends, my family. I get to race against a version of them that can recreate their tendencies, their style, their way of driving, their speed and then when I log in, you have been playing against me, I get paid out the in game credits because of the work my Drivatar did. This fundamentally changes how you do single player"

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