Minecraft + DayZ = 7 Days To Die

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Minecraft + DayZ = 7 Days To Die

Here's some pre-alpha gameplay footage of the new survival horror crafting game on the PC called "7 Days To Die".

Core Features of the game:
  • The World is your Oyster - Explore a modern, beautiful, fully destroyable, fully buildable, fully dynamic, hand crafted, huge voxel world with cities, forests, wastelands, deserts, plains and mountains.  Explore hundreds of points of interest and every building inside and out!
  • She’s a Brick House! – Our advanced “Dynamic Block Stability Physics System,” simulates real-time structural integrity. Build it right or watch it come crumbling down.
  • Relentless Enemies – Relentless enemies will stop at nothing as they claw, jump and break their way through the world in order to get to you. And watch out for the unique severely mutated.
  • The MacGyver in you – Mine and loot a multitude of items and ingredients to survive creating hundreds of weapons, items and traps with the intuitive and deep “Crafting System” inspired by classic adventure games but modernized. No wiki required!
  • Two sides to every Story – Uncover the truth as you find survivor notes that lead to better loot from the “Dynamic Story Generation System” which puts the player in charge of the story solving the “now what problem” that plague most voxel games.
  • Friends and Foes – Play solo, Co-op online with friends or in our unique “Zombie Nomad Mode” for a no rules experience!
  • Blow it up or Build it up! – Enjoy a fully destroyable voxel-based world blowing up everything in the entire game or build it up bolstering the defenses of an existing structure or building your own fort to try and keep the zombies out.
  • You know like Bowhunting Skills –Gain experience and upgrade your skills in melee, guns, crafting, and stealth!
  • Become the True Survivalist – Rummage and mine your way through the world finding food, water, loot and the resources you’ll need to survive and discover a purpose for everything in the world.
  • Build it and they will come – Build your own worlds and play them with your friends using the “Creative Mode Tools” featuring hundreds of block shapes and prefabs.
For more information about this open world, voxel-based, sandbox game check out the official site! The game is currently PC only, but will be available on Mac and Linux in the future.

Note: To download and play 7 Days to Die, you can purchase the $35 dollar pack, and the game will be playable August 16, 2013. You can purchase the game at this link: http://7daystodie.com/buy/

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