State of Decay Weapons

State of Decay Weapons

There are about 99 firearms in State of Decay, and 30-40 melee weapons. There are three categories: Firearms, melee weapons and explosives. Note that weapons can disappear from a location if you don't take them the first time they spawn. Each gun has stats for accuracy, volume, recoil, durability, attachable suppressor, optics, weight, magazine capacity, fire modes and base influence cost. Here is an image with a bunch of the State of Decay guns: (Credit goes to HK6 for making this)

Selective Fire Tip:  For those weapons that have a selective fire mode (auto, semi-auto), you can change the mode by first aiming (holding down left trigger) and then hitting the A button.

How to Get a Real Sniper Rifle in State of Decay: The Tac 50 spawns in the Wilkerson's storage if you build enough trust with them.

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