Cube World Pets

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Cube World Pets

Here are the pets you can tame in Cube World. In order to tame (charm) a pet, you must first equip the item that the pet likes (listed below) and walk up to the creature. After a few moments the creature will be tamed. (you will see hearts above their head.) Note that it's harder to tame elite pets and higher level pets but it is possible.
Renaming: To rename your pet, type in /namepet [name]

AlpacaVanilla Cupcake
Alpaca (Brown)Chocolate Cupcake
Bark BeetleBread
BatMango Juice
BummblebeeBiscuit Roll
CamelDate Cookie
Cat (Black)Candy
ChickenCereal Bar
CrabStrawberry Cocktail
CrocodileApple Rings
CrowLicorice Candy
DuckbillSugar Candy
FlyFruit Basket
HorseCandied Apple
Lemon BeetleLemon Tart
MidgeMelon Ice Cream
MoleChocolate Donut
MonkeyBanana Split
MosquitoBloodorange Juice
ParrotGinger Tartlets
PeacocksChocolate Cookie
PigPumpkin Mash
PorcupineBlackberry Marmalade
RaccoonsChocolate Cake
Runner (Desert)Caramel Chocolate Bar
Runner (Jungle)Mint Chocolate Bar
Runner (Plain)
Milk Chocolate Bar
Runner (Snow)White Chocolate Bar
SeagullSalted Caramel
SheepCotton Candy
SlimePurple/Yellow/Blue/Green Jelly
Snout BeetleLolly
SpitterWater Ice
SquirrelStrawberry Cake
Terrier (Scottish)Croissant
TurtleCinnamon Roll

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