First GTA V Gameplay Video

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First GTA V Gameplay Video

It's finally here! The official Gameplay Video of GTA V. Also check out our full in depth break down of the GTA V gameplay trailer too.

Rockstar have always made awesome trailers for the GTA games throughout the years, and this one is no different!

Summary and notes from the video:
  • Rockstar have tried to reimagine the open world game in a number of ways.
  • The game world is beautiful massive and diverse.
  • The game covers mountains, oceans, expensive stores, and strip malls. Urban decay, and untouched wilderness.
  • For the first time, the game features 3 different heroes.
  • Michael a once successful bank robber, and now a less successful family man.
  • Franklin, a street hustler.
  • Trevor, "the less said about him, the better".
  • The narrative is transformed into one story, and the structure of individual missions.
  • Players can cut between vantage points.
  • And from one high octane moment to another.
  • This gives missions a whole new level of diversity and intensity. No more linear missions like in the previous GTAs.
  • The world is huge and packed with a vast array of things to see and do.
  • Cars can be customized, planes can be bought, clothes can be bought, sports games can be played.
  • You can dive in the ocean.
  • Animals to spot, hunt and be hunted by.
  • You can befriend NPCs.
  • Hunt bounties.
  • Theres been a huge focus on making the mechanics as fast and fluid as possible compared to previous games.
  • Bike riding is back.
  • Sky diving, parachuting is also back.
  • GTA Online is better than ever! But no more news about it...yet!
What do you think? Personally I think it looks amazing! This is exactly what I wanted from GTA V. I can't wait!

Posted by George K

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