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GTA Online Jobs / Missions List, Tips, Payouts and More

GTA Online Jobs List and Payout Info

Here's a list / guide of GTA 5 Online jobs and missions including their rewards, tips, and more sorted by highest payout first.

  • You can use CTRL + F on your keyboard (or the search feature in your browser) to find a specific job or mission quickly.
  • Press X (Xbox 360) or square (PS3) to delete a job if you don't like it. You can also cancel a job in progress with the same button but it is not recommended because it gives you bad rep.
  • If a mission is too far away to drive to, try getting a helicopter at this location (other locations) or call Merryweather for a helicopter pickup that costs $1000. (You can shoot the heli pilot and fly it yourself) Eventually you can also call Lester to locate a helicopter. (Note: As of the latest update, you can't call Lester or Merryweather during some missions.)
  • title update changed the payouts of all the missions and the payout values were updated to reflect the changes. If any are incorrect, missing or if you know of any missions not on this list, please post a comment below.
  • Note: You now get double the payout at the first completion of each mission and extra cash for completing missions / jobs on the normal / hard difficulty settings and playing with other people.

Mission NameContactRank Base PayoutBase RPTipsPlayersMax Players

Stocks and ScaresLester70$12,5002550Get someone to cover you while you hack the door/crack the safe  14
Rooftop RumbleMartin75$12,5002970Blow up the car in the back14
Docks to StockLester70$12,5001800Take as many cargobobs (location) as possible, very few enemies on the ground. When you get to the container, use the large lifting vehicle to move the container to a spot where a cargobob can pick it up, watch out for enemies who attack24
Base InvadersRon27$12,500850Grab a helicopter if you can (location, call Merryweather and shoot the pilot, or call lester) land on the roof of a hangar and shoot the lazars, or land at the airfield, get in an army vehicle and drive by and drop grenades / sticky bombs, then steal the cargobob14
Method in the MadnessTrevor65$11,5003300One person can pick up both packages. Steal a boat and go straight to Trevor24
Chopper TailTrevor70$11,5002200Get in the buggy and find the helicopter which is heading West, follow it, once you arrive, get some cover and take out all the enemies and deliver the equipment to Trevor's trailer. Enemies will chase you but you can outrun them if you floor it. (Alternate: At the start of the mission, take a helicopter to the buggy, then once you enter the buggy, get out and go back to your heli to follow the enemy heli)
American Exports
Rank: 65
Payout: $11,500
Base RP: 2050
Players: 1
Max: 4
Go to the military base (location) A very easy way to get into the military base is to drive off the small hill next to the fence at this location. The cargobob is located on a helipad close to the large open hangar. (cargobob location)

Once you steal the cargobob, if there are no helicopters on you, try flying towards the ocean and losing the wanted level there. Another way to lose the wanted level is to land the cargobob somewhere in the mountains, then get out, take out the police helis and then hide in a bush / small tree.

Once you arrive at the container park the cargobob take out the enemies guarding it, once you attach to the container with your cargobob (hold right on the D-Pad to release the hook) an enemy helicopter will spawn, carefully detach the container, land, get cover, take out the enemy heli, then deliver the container
DefenderMartin70$11,5002200Fly behind the contact, and use missiles to destroy the enemy helicopters that appear12
Landing GearRon55$11,5001700Let one person get into a plane to spawn the enemy helis, then get in buzzards and destroy them all. Whoever gets in the plane needs to dodge missiles from enemy buzzards, so be ready to do loops, barrel rolls, etc. Other players in Buzzards should cover the plane on the way back46
On ManeuversLester65$11,5002050Have someone grab the buzzard (don't attack, sneak around the enemies to the buzzard, they won't attack until you attack them or get very close) get in the buzzard and carefully take out the enemies around the Annihilator, then clean up the area, and have someone get in the Annihilator. Have the buzzard quickly take out the jet and two attack choppers headed for the Annihilator. Even if you don't take out the jet, you can still dodge it if you fly low and fast, you can also outrun the enemy helicopters if you go fast enough13
Satellite CommunicationsTrevor60$10,0003350If you're driving the truck, only shoot the bikes in front of you, the ones behind can't hit you so try to stay ahead of them
Trash TalkMartin81$10,0002500Bring 4 sticky bombs to destroy the Garbage trucks, then grenades for the HQ. Lots of enemies guarding the remaining garbage trucks, after they are destroyed, the boss will try to flee on foot, kill him to complete the mission. Note: You can also destroy the garbage trucks by shooting the large gas tank a few times, it's located on the left side next to the front wheel.16
Chemical ExtractionLester65$10,0002500Fight your way to the van, then get in and quickly get out to find some good cover, an enemy helicopter will arrive, shoot it down, then get in the van again, and find some more cover, some cars with enemies will spawn as you drive out of the compound, kill them then deliver the van16
Bust OutLester55$10,0001400Head towards the bus quickly before it arrives at its destination, shoot the driver, pick up the guy, and lose the cops. You can use a helicopter for this one for easier completion14
ExtraditionMartin50$10,0002050Make sure you wait until everyone is ready to go into the base, once inside take as many jets as possible. You can also call Lester to get a helicopter to get to a jet easier. Once you destroy the informant, quickly fly to the DA and take him out before he gets to his destination. A good trick is to have someone stay in the area around Del Perro Beach and wait for the DA then take him out (he will be passing by there)16
Judging the JuryMartin65$10,0002100Take as many people as possible and have everyone go individually in fast cars. Stickies are very useful for the last jurors (Note: This is a timed mission)18
Docks to Stock IILester75$10,0001720Take a second helicopter14
Mixed Up With Coke
Rank: 45
Payout: $9,500
Base RP: 2000
Players: 1
Max: 6
3 people recommended. Start by throwing a sticky bomb over the fence at the cement truck near the street, and have someone destroy the other one with a grenade. After you destroy the 2 cement trucks, 2 more will pop up on the map so have other people ready to destroy them. Enemies with suvs will attack, but try to ignore them and destroy the remaining trucks to complete the mission. (You can call lester to locate an attack helicopter for this one)
Dry DockingMartin45$8,0001400Don't go alone, you will need someone to cover your back while you crack the safe because enemies will keep spawning and running up to you. Once you go get the boat, go slowly in the boat you can have someone stand in it to shoot. Once you steal the boat, a helicopter and other boats will come after you. Recommended to get out and snipe or shoot the helicopter and take out the enemy boats14
Hack and DashLester60$8,0001000Go with at least one other person. Have them cover you while you hack the the door. Once you steal the cars, lose your wanted level and deliver them to the warehouse14
The Los Santos ConnectionMartin40$8,0002700(Note: During this mission you can destroy crates to find cash and find some on the floor after blowing up the vehicles in the last part) First two parts are easy, just get the location, kill the enemies, get in the SUV, then get to the depot and hack the computer, once you get to the airport, before anything, kill the enemies around the hangar and grab the buzzard (attack helicopter), then destroy the plane parked at the end of the runway. Now go back to the hangar, destroy all the vehicles in the hangar and kill the enemies, and then grab the coke, and then destroy the chopper that attacks and deliver the package16
Wet WorkRon55$7,0002300Take out the enemies from above with a sniper, then once you get in the boat, don't stop. The passenger should have a micro SMG to cover. Once you arrive at the destination, you will have to take out a bunch of lost, so get to some cover quick. Use the white container right when you walk up the stairs as cover, and take out the enemies to complete the mission14
Out of HarmonyTrevor50$7,0001500This one has a time limit, so it's best to take at least a few people. Try to clear out the enemies at the cement works as fast as possible (you can have extra time if you start by sniping a few first, before the timer starts. Then take the trailer. Bikers will follow and shoot at you, but if you drive fast enough they won't be able to catch up14
Sinking FeelingLester55$7,0002500Take both SUVs in case. Careful when there are 2 tunnels, at the exit it's easy to get stuck.24
Stick Up the Stickup CrewMartin40$6,0002250A lot of enemies covering the truck. Use one car per person for cover. After you take the truck, SUVs and a helicopter will chase after you, just floor it to the drop off point. As long as you keep the SUV behind you, they will have a hard time shooting you14
A Titan of a JobLester24$5,000750Snipe the enemies in the hangar, drive up, finish the rest, move the Semi, a few more guys will spawn, then steal the titan and land it16
Diamonds for TrevorTrevor70$5,0002700Get in the boat then exit immediately to wait to destroy an enemy heli that will be coming from far away, also an enemy boat will attack as well
Teaser TrailerLester40$5,0001700Lots of enemies with body armor covering the trailer, so take your time and get some good cover for this fight, once you get the enemies, get a truck (there is one parked just East of the mission area near the large blue dome, location) and have someone cover it while you haul the trailer back. enemies will attack you on your way back, but if you drive fast enough you can ignore them.14
Quarry QuarryLester30$5,0001300Recommended 2 people or more. Clear both areas of the vans before entering one. Snipe from the hill nearby the mission area if possible. Get in a van, then as soon as enemies appear, exit the van and get to some cover to kill, then deliver the vans14
Crystal Clear OutTrevor28$5,0001000Come heavily armed, 2 people or more is best. It's easier to go by boat to Trevors' house, so right after you grab the coke, jump in the water and get in a boat. Enemies will arrive by car, but you can ignore them14
Show Me the MoneyMartin55$5,000950The van is weak, so be careful to only shoot the drivers. 2 people in the van, then 1 car per person for cover. Some enemies in hummers and a helicopter will spawn right when you enter the van, find some cover and take them out, then deliver the van14
Crank Up the VolumeRon30$5,000750Recommended 2 people or more. RV will be driving around the map, surround it and grab it, note: After you grab the RV groups of bikers will attack you so be ready to fight them off before driving it back14
Check Out TimeMartin35$5,000750Drive up to the witness and aim your shot carefully.12
Grab Your BallasMartin40$4,5001500Ignore the ballas, go straight for truck (it leaves the depot to the exit to the right) A bunch of enemy SUVs will attack as soon as you grab the truck, so be ready14
By Land, Sea, and AirLester30$4,500970One person gets in first heli, the other person shoots down enemy helis24
Out of Court SettlementMartin22$4,500n/aTake your time on your first shot to get a headshot12
Editor and ThiefMartin45$4,500650Get in front of him in your car then aim for the head and use your UZI to take him out, take the photographs, then evade the cops and drive to Madrazo's house12
No Hay BroncaGerald8$2,500650Take 2 people minimum, I recommend 3 or 4 though. For the first part, you can drive a large vehicle up to the roof and climb up top to take out the enemies. Second part is hard, you need cover. After you destroy the final car, the gang leader will flee, be ready to chase and take him out (park your vehicle close by)14
CoastingMartin25$3,5001100Take the truck and ignore the suvs that chase you, as long as they are behind you, they can't hurt you14
Four TrailersLester45$3,5002550Go with at least two people (there are two trailers to steal) and buy some armor for this one, lots of enemies guarding the entrance, start by running over the guards in the front, then snipe and move in slowly to take out the rest. Enemies are also hidden behind the fences in the back, so watch out. Once you take the trailers, some enemy SUVs will chase you, just floor it to Lester's warehouse. Once you arrive, the suvs will stop chasing you16
Dish the DirtGerald45$3,5001750Snipe the enemies first, (Note the guy with the package will drive away, so drive after him and take him out. Or you can wait near the road and shoot him as he is driving out, then pick up the coke and deliver it to Gerald's apartment)14
War and PiecesGerald30$3,5001300Start by sniping from the nearby hill, then grab the coke. (Make sure to bring a fast car in case the guy drives off with the coke.) Once you grab it, a bunch of enemies will come after you, get to cover and take them out, then deliver the package. Be careful not to blow up the package or you will fail the mission14
Landing StripLester22$3,500900Leave at least one person at the landing strip to clear out the enemies before24
Last Chopper outta LSLester25$3,500900Never jump, always take ladders, and go very slow on the roof, note that enemies are hidden22
High Priority CaseLester25$3,500850Get a Helicopter to get to the top. Land on  (Call Merryweather and shoot out the pilot or find one here) Land it on the tall building next to the mission rooftop. Snipe the guys, then land on the main roof. Fight your way down, grab the briefcase and take cover behind a pillar because an enemy helicopter will attack, take it out and either get back to your helicopter or jump off and use a parachute and then to Lester's Warehouse 14
A Boat in the BayRon40$3,500650Lots of enemies guarding the boat. Take them out from the top of the hill. Take them out then one person takes the boat, others can call Merryweather for a boat pickup or find one (usually hard to find during missions) On the way back, a heli will attack, get out, find some good cover and destroy it, then get back in the boat and book it to the objective. (Set a marker at the entrance of the river then follow the river up to get to the drop off point) Enemies will attack on the river, but just ignore them and go fast (dont forget to use A (360) or X (PS3) for sharp turns in the boat14
Holed Up - BurtonMartin50$3,5001650Take a fast car to escort Juan, or if you're fast enough go in his car as a passenger. (Although not recommended as the suvs will attack while you are escorting, and its best to be in your own car)14
Water the VineyardMartin40$2,500960Stay in the car, don't clear out guards in the vineyard, just chase the judge who escapes (in his car) Once you take him out and take a picture, enemies will chase you, get to cover and take them out, then go to Madrazo's house12
The Parking GarageLester55$2,5002520Look for a video, you can complete this in 15 seconds (good RP, 4k approx)24
No SmokingLamar30$2,5001530Take out the enemies guarding the trailer then have one person drive the trailer, and other people cover them in a car. Enemies in SUVs will chase you, take them out and then deliver the trailer14
Turbine CarbineRon25$2,500990Snipe the enemies from the hill near the mission area. Once you grab the van, get ready for some bikers to attack you. Park somewhere and get behind cover14
Cops CapacityLester19$2,5001050This is a time limited mission, and is not worth doing imo. Blow up the cop cars with grenades, then get to the van (climb over the wall on the right to get to the van) throw a grenade under the van to blow it up. Now get to a vehicle quick and destroy the bikes with a grenade, and then drive all the way to the prison bus to destroy it. Then lose the cops12
Daemon RunRon25$2,5001050Make sure you have a micro SMG, clear the base, then hop on bike and never stop24
Lost My MindTrevor20$2,500950Take a fast enough off road car if possible, to go after the package14
Going Down the GOHLamar20$2,500850As soon as the mission starts, get to the tanker and shoot out the driver to steal it. otherwise, get to the tanker, take out the enemies protecting it and steal it. 3 SUVs with enemies will arrive shortly after you get in, get out, get to cover and take them out, then deliver the tanker
Meth'd UpGerald7$2,500800Drive off road straight to checkpoint with the RV, to avoid enemies spawning
Death From AboveMartin24$2,500800Drive in fast, kill the guy, then take a picture from your car, and escape. If you take the picture and die, other people can still complete the mission by driving to Martin14
Caught NappingLamar20$2,500600Get in front of the vehicle with the hostage and shoot out the driver (Watch out for the hostage) Then the hostage will go to your car, and enemies will attack in SUVs, either park and get to cover, or shoot from the car, then get the hostage back to the store
Fuelling the FlamesRon20$2,500600Snipe the enemies from the nearby hill and be careful of all the bikers who join the fight halfway through. Use the industrial area behind the tanker for cover to fight them, then deliver it14
Dirt RoadRonn/a$2,000650Kill the enemy holding the meth fast before he drives off, then deliver it12
Cleaning the Cat HouseMartin45$1,5002600Take a helicopter if possible, then before you pick up Anna, bring the heli in as close as possible. After you kill some enemies, Anna will run outside so be ready14
Ticket to ElysiumLamar18$1,5001250Doing this with a full team is faster14
Violent DuctGerald15$1,5001140One player attacks from the front, another from the left, then one takes package, another kills the enemy van that arrives, or drive away fast and deliver it14
Blow Up IISimeon20$1,500950Get in the banshee and move it to the street. Move the cars next to each other and either use either a jerry can, a grenade or shoot a cars engine to blow it up.12
Blow Up IIISimeon31$1,500880Bring a jerry can, or some grenades. Very few enemies in this one, so it should be easy12
Lost MC RIPLamar25$1,500800Get to the top of the hill next to the cemetary, take cover behind your car and snipe the Lost, then take out the remaining ones to complete the mission
Death MetalGerald6$1,500650Grab a large vehicle (like a semi) and park it near the building right next to the mission area. Climb to the roof and take out the guys, then grab the package14
San Andreas SeoulLamar16$1,500630This job is better done solo. 
It Takes a ThiefSimeon5$1,0001320A Micro SMG will help here14
Chumash and GrabGerald35$1,0001100Snipe out the enemies on the end of the pier first24
Gassed UpGerald12$1,0001050Kill all the enemies from bridge, then go down in car14
All In The GameSimeon10$1,000810Take out the ballas protecting the Baller, then drive away as fast as possible. An enemy car will follow, try to take them out and deliver the car12
Gentry Does ItSimeon$1,000800Two cars to steal, so it's better to do this with at least 2 people. Grab the cars, lose the cops and then make the delivery14
Rich Men in RichmanSimeon5$1,000750n/a14
Flood in the LS RiverGerald6$1,000750Snipe the enemies from the nearby bridge, grab the package and get ready for enemies to chase you in SUVs, take them out or drive fast to make the delivery14
Romance Isn't DeadRon13$1,000750Clear the Lost base, then get in a van and immediately get out to kill the bikers. You can also just drive up to a van and drive away but kill the first guy standing close by14
El Burro HeistsSimeon10$1,000725When on site, make sure you don't go in too far and get cornered (easy mission)14
Chasers IISimeon16$1,000725Try to get in front of the tornado and take out the driver, then quickly get in and deliver it, watch out for gang members on the street and an enemy vehicle12
ATV StealSimeon25$1,000600Get a car, preferably a strong, fast car, and drive to the race. Once you arrive, try to drive into all 4 ATVs to knock off the drivers and then deliver the ATVs. (Note: Careful not to destroy any of the ATVs or you will fail the mission. Also, this mission benefits from more players)14
Pier PressureGerald6$7501060Park your car in line with the tunnel and use it as cover (there is little cover in the tunnel)14
Blow UpSimeon12$7501000Use the jerry can or throw a grenade at the hummer (if cars change, 2nd car on left row from in lot)12
Rockford RollSimeon5$750950One person takes Cabrio, the other attracts police with as many stars as possible12
Deal BreakerGerald6$5001340Bring a vehicle for cover14
Ballas to the WallSimeon5$500650Only kill the person near the car, ignore all the other enemies and drive off fast. Cars will chase you but you can outrun them
Where Credit's DueSimeon5$5001050Once you get in the zion you will get a wanted star, evade the cops and deliver the car12
ChasersSimeon5$500760Take your time on your first shot to get a headshot12

Big thanks to SaintRebbel for the original list!

If you have any questions, comments, corrections or strategies for this list, please post them below.

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