DayZ Standalone Footage

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DayZ Standalone Footage

Here's 10 minutes of unedited, pre-alpha DayZ Standalone gameplay footage of a multiplayer test.

DayZ Standalone is a game being developed by Bohemia Interactive along with Dean "Rocket" Hall, the creator of the award winning mod DayZ. The game is aiming to fix everything that is wrong with the mod for Arma 2 and will add new exciting features. One feature is the ability to build things like in Minecraft. Another feature is a Red Faction-like destruction mechanic in the game world.

When will DayZ standalone be released? Currently, no release date is known, but it shouldn't be that much longer. The game has been delayed many times, and was supposed to be released months ago. Rocket also recently commented that Bohemia Interactive is focused on getting the standalone alpha out as soon as possible.

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