Pokemon X and Y Roller Skates Tricks List

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 Pokemon X and Y Roller Skates Tricks List

Here's a list of roller skate tricks you can do in Pokemon X and Y.

Trick - Backflip

Location -  Lumiose City- North Boulevard.

Effect - If you have enough speedas you go over a ledge, you will be able to do a backflip.


Trick - Running Start
Location - Lumiose City - Vent Plaza.
Effect - If you run as you set off, you will run fast and get significant speed when switching to the roller skates.


Trick - The Parallel Swizzle
Location - Lumiose City - South Boulevard.
Effect - If you rock the D-Pad quickly in another direction, you will majestically turn.


Trick - The 360
Location - Lumiose City - Estivel Avenue.
Effect - If you rotate the Circle Pad rapidly, you will do a spin while continuing to move.


Trick - The Cosmic Flip
Location - Lost Hotel.
Effect - If you have enough speed and skill when going on a ledge, you will have a special flip.

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