Dark Souls 2 Cleric Tips

Dark Souls 2 Cleric Tips

Here are some helpful tips for those who chose the Cleric in Dark Souls 2. Thanks to SGC for submitting these tips.

  • Use Fire long sword instead of Heide's Sword! Better faith scaling and damage output, will take you further in the long haul. Sprint to the fire sword location, early in the game within the Forest Of Giants, in the cave area right outside the 2nd bonfire.
  • Level up your mace! Mace does considerable damage while two handing as well, and highly effective against armored bosses and enemies. Also scales decently in the future with boltstone upgrades, making it a viable starting weapon to take with you on your journey.
  • After clearing the Forest Of Giants, head immediately to Heide's Tower Of Flame, use your Mace +3 to 2-3 shot the giants and accumulate souls quickly, than level up your faith to at least 20 before proceeding and defeat both area bosses.

  • Lightning spear - Now that you have many souls early on, and enough faith to be something decent, purchase lightning spear (MUCH BETTER and faster in this game) and heal miracle, for double healing from the women, then exhaust her talk options so she moves to town.
  • Join the Blue Sentinels - After defeating the second boss, you now have access to the Blue Sentinels. Even if you're not planning a career in this covenant, join anyway because you immediately have access to two very useful miracles, Emit Force and the Lightning Storm. The lightning stone miracle only has 4 casts but it's useful in PVP, TRUST ME.
  • Bolt Stones - Purchase all 3 bolt stones from Blue Sentinel vendor, because let's face it, there's no where else you're gonna find these bad boys any earlier.
  • Now go down to the basement area's in Heide's Tower and find the knight armor set (my best friend) in one of the chests down there.
  • Farm souls from giants, or any other enemy that drops decent souls, or go co-op for souls and then buy the cat ring, and jump down the hole, go to Grave Of Saints.
  • Make sure you are at least in the 40's range for leveling, because the boss can be tricky. Kill the boss and shortly after, jump down the hole and you're gonna climb your way down to a busted bridge. In this area, you'll see an item hugging a the wall on a platform you'll need to carefully jump down to (if you miss, you die).
  • *The item is a Shield called 'Disc Chime' that allows you to cast miracles with L2*
  • Now that you're properly equipped, and adept, keep upgrading your mace, fire longsword, chime of choice, and shield and continue on with the game, it's much easier from here on out.
  • Goal: Your goal now should be to obtain the 'Dull Ember' from the iron keep and present it to Mc Duff, the blacksmith in the Lost Bastille and now, for the moment of truth... MAKE A DECENT FAITH SCALING WEAPON that you've been struggling so long for!
  • KEYNOTE: Stay away from adaptability and focus on attunement, it will level your casting speed, miracle slots, AND your agility will improve as a bonus.
  • NOTE: *Need help with stat investment for Cleric? Focus on: Strength, Faith, Vigor, Endurance, Attunement. (I recommend only using the bare minimal dex to wield your weapon of choice).*
If you have any other cleric tips for Dark Souls 2, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.

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