Dark Souls 2 Gifts

Dark Souls 2 Gifts

Here is a list of all the gifts you can choose in Dark Souls 2 and a description of what each one does.

When you create a new character, you may choose one gift at the character creation menu, the gifts are as follows:

  • Life Ring - The life ring will increase your HP by 5% when equipped. The variant version increases hp by 7.5% and the +2 version increases it by 12.5%
  • Human Effigy - This can be used to fully restore your humanity. Also, it can be used to fully restore your health pool if it has been damaged from death. It's best to save these for when your HP pool is at half.
  • Healing Wares - This gift includes a variety of useful healing items, included are: 10 Lifegems, 3 Radiant gems, 1 Old Radiant Lifegem, and 5 poison moss.

  • Homeward Bone - The homeward bone will return you to the last bonfire that you rested at. Very useful when you need to heal, and don't want to lose your souls, you can just teleport back to the bonfire instantly.
  • Seed of a Tree of Giants - This is an item that is used in online play. Using this item while being invaded by another player will cause enemies on the current level to attack the invader as well as yourself. Note that it cannot be used when summoned by a member of the Rat King.
  • Bonfire Ascetic - When you use a bonfire ascetic, it will change the entire bonfire area to the next playthrough level. So if you use it during your first playthrough, it will increase the difficulty to New Game+, if used on New Game+, it will increase it to New Game++, and so on. Note that you cannot reverse this process and it will persist on your following playthroughs. Basically, it increases the difficulty of the game, choose this gift if you find Dark Souls 2 to be easy. (Haha, yeah right.)
  • Petrified Something - This item can be used at the crow nest at the beginning of the game to aquiuire a random item. When you get to the nest where the high pitched voices of Dyna and Tillo ask you for "something shiny", use this item and you will get a random useful item in exchange.
If you have any questions about the gifts, or your own hints or tips, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions, and for visiting.

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