Sony E3 2014 Media Briefing Live Stream & Coverage

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Sony E3 2014 Media Briefing Live Stream & Coverage

Here's the Sony E3 2014 media briefing live stream with updates, coverage and details about the games shown.

Check out the updates below...thanks to Purrie for helping with the updates.

  • CGI trailer, astronauts on Mars, find a floating sphere, narrator talks about how finding the sphere, called the "traveler" helped to advance humanity.
  •  Breaks into a montage of gameplay and cutscenes, feels very Halo-esque which coming from Bungie is sort of to be expected. 
  • Playstation getting Destiny beta first, July 17th. PS4 from Thursday to Sunday will have access to the Destiny Alpha from 
  • White 500gb PS4 bundle announced, includes Destiny and 30 days PS+.
The Order 1986
  • 3rd person, lantern used to light up the rooms, very dark and horror-filled atmosphere.
  • Zombie that can mutate from the looks of it, definitely a 3rd person horror game.
  • Not much more is shown besides setting up the atmosphere.
  • Very colorful clip, bright orange and blue birds, spokesman says it's about 2 souls in love that can not be together. 
  • PS4 version available now for $9.99, Vita/PS3 part of cross-buy
.Infamous First Light
  • Female protagonist, purple illuminated powers, sounded like "Ms. Walker"? Very short teaser, not much shown
  • Release date: August
Little Big Planet 3
  • New character "Oddsock", faster and can walljump. 
  • Second new character "Toggle" stronger than other characters, can also become the smallest character to fit through small areas. 
  • 3rd new character "Swoop" can fly
  • Sack boy can now climb certain walls, looks like a lot of new ways to get around levels
  • "Swoop" can carry characters if they fall. Reminds me a lot of the different mechanics between character types in the Lego games. 
  • Usual Little Big Planet themes and art styles, good lighthearted co-op game from the looks of it (who doesn't like LBP?). 
  • Looks like you can play original Little Big Planet and LBP2 levels on the new one with updated graphics.
  • Scheduled to launch in November
  • New FromSoftware game, looks very much like old London
  • A lot of either undead creatures and people or very diseased. 
  • Everything is pretty hidden or barely onscreen, but one character has a large axe/cleaver and the trailer ends with a large creature- likely to have big boss fights? 
  • Aimed for 2015.
FarCry 4
  • Navigating a mountainside, looks like you can have grappling hooks/climbing hooks, shows a bit of wildlife. 
  • Character is using what looks like a double-loaded crossbow.
  • C4 planted onto an explosive barrel which he kicks down onto a group of enemies and detonates, pretty cool. Steals a jeep, able to shoot in front of him while driving, takes down another jeep- a nice addition that would have come in hand in FC3. 
  • Ends up going over a cliff and using what looks like a wingsuit to navigate a canyon, then a parachute to land. Co-Op, second player flies in on a mini gyrocopter, first place climbs on with an LMG and they strafe a compound before landing on one of the roofs.
  • Elephant rampaging into buildings and enemies, always good. Elephant then takes down a jeep and detonates it while 2nd player is flying gyrocopter and firing an SMG.
Dead Island 2
  • Live action/CGI trailer showing a jogger running down a pier, city being destroyed behind him. 
  • Pretty lighthearted, sounds like Jack Black towards
  • Not much to say since it doesn't show anything game-related, almost felt like its own thing rather than an advertisement for Dead Island 2.
Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition
  • Getting Last of Us themed dungeon with enemy types.
Battlefield: Hardline
  • More gameplay montages, beta exclusive to PS4, no word on whether it's fully exclusive to PS4 or if it's only the beta.
Disney Infinity
  • Avengers characters exclusive to PS3/PS4.
Magicka 2
  • Live action trailer showing one of the wizards living a normal life, light hearted comical, short gameplay montage. Will have to wait longer for more info.
Grim Fandango Remastered
  • Exclusive to PS4/Vita through Disney. No release date said yet.
Devolver Games Coming to PS4/Vita;
  • Broforce, Hotline Miami, Not a Hero, Titan Souls, Talos Principle(?)
Let It Die
  • Live action trailer, showing off maces, axes, lots of gore... No idea what this is. Lots of metal music and violence but no context as to what we're seeing.
  • New game from the studio that made Journey, lots of great look environments; underwater, caves, and what look like alien mountain ranges?
No Man's Sky
  • Bright orange/red landscape, vivid colors, space ships, alien/dinosaur life,
  • Fly from planetside to space, destructible asteroids, dogfights, seamless transition from space to planet. 
  • Infinite procedural universe, each player starts on a new planet so everyone has their own start. 
  • Underwater zones, forests, caves, oceans, asteroid fields, man-made structures, hand-weapons, all looks really cool. I'll be keeping an eye on this one!
Project Morpheus
  • Creative teams around the world are working on the virtual reality peripheral
  • Available demo at Sony's E3 booth with 2 new demos
PS4 Stats Announced
  • 95% of PS4 consoles are connected to PSN
  • 150 million spectated sessions so far
  • Over 1 billion multiplayer sessions have been played
  • The share button has been pressed over 220 million times
YouTube on PS4
  • YouTube is headed to the PS4 later this year and it will let you share and quickly upload gameplay and other video to your YouTube channelk
The Playroom
  • New content coming to the Playroom
  • Ability to create custom broadcasting sets
Free to Play
  • Over 25 free-to-play games headed to the PS4 over the next 12 months
  • Games include Planetside 2, Kingdom Under Fire II and many others.
PlayStation Now
  • Service will begin in US and Canada as an open beta starting July 31
  • Will also be available on PS3 and PS Vita
  • Will have access to over 100 games during the beta
  • Will be available on some Sony televisions, and will require a DualShock 3
  • Games available at E3: Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes, Ultra Street Fighter 4, Ratcher and Clank: Into the Nexus. and more
PS Vita Announcements
  • Over 100 titles are currently in development
  • Minecraft, Tales from the Borderlands, Child of Light and more
  • Sony claims that the PS Vita will "remain a key pillar"
PlayStation TV
  • Will be available in US, Canada and Europe this fall
  • Can be paired with the PlayStation 4
  • Will cost $99, with a $139 bundle available that includes the DualShock 3, an 8GB memory card, an HDMI cable, and a digital voucher for the LEGO movie video game
  • TV show based on a graphic novel, follows homicide detectives who investigate super-powered murder cases. 
  • Available to PlayStation users in December, first episode free, PS+ subscribers can watch the whole series for free. This whole segment feels really out of place.
PlayStation Plus
  • 190% increase in Plus subscribers (Feels a bit insincere considering the adaptation of it being needed for multiplayer)
  • Ratchet and Clank Movie/Remaster
  • Aiming for "first half" of 2015, art style matches up with the games well, creator "heavily" involved in the film. Remaking original game for the PS4, updated visuals, also releasing in first half of 2015.
Last of Us HD
  • Upgraded remake with better visuals and it includes the DLC.
Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain
  • New trailer, burned camp, lots of bodies, funeral with lots of caskets holding "Diamond Dogs" flags.
  • Looks to be rendered in-game and has a nice polish on it

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