Street Fighter 5 World Premiere Trailer

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Street Fighter 5 World Premiere Trailer

Street Fighter 5 characters and gameplay have been hinted in this newly released teaser trailer. The characters we currently know about can be found after the page break.

The game was unofficially revealed via YouTube video on December 5, but was taken down. On December 5, it was officially revealed during the 2014 PlayStation Experience and has been confirmed for the PlayStation 4 and Windows. It has also been noted that the game will feature cross-platform play.

Characters We Currently Know About: (Thanks to CommunityGame for the list!)

  • Sagat is seen in a piece of graffiti alongside Chun Li.
  • Ryu is seen several times in action, and even as art on a smartphone case.
  • Ken is being sketched by a possible Capcom artist in detail with his elbow extended, and revealed later getting lightning kicked by Chun Li.
  • Chun Li and Guile are shown as coplayers, with the former kicking the latter before we see her posing for battle in Street Fighter 5 gameplay.
  • Guile is once again hinted by a sketch-style tattoo.
  • Zangief is part of a group sketch alongside Ryu, Ken, and Chun Li.
  • Dhalsim and E. Honda are seen in the same sketch when it’s colored and finished, alongside the words “25th Anniversary.” The 25th Anniversay Street Fighter Collection was released a few years ago, but this could still be a hint. It might also indicate that the ability to choose previous versions of the Street Fighter 5 characters could be back.
  • Dudley is seen getting finished by the business end of Chun Li‘s lightning kick in what appears to be a tournament battle. Again, this could be a hint that he’s returning.
  • Balrog may be back, according to a vague hint given by scenes of a young boy with boxing gloves and a white shirt, and other boy with a boxing glove running toward the camera.
  • Yun may also be back, if the scenes of a skateboarder are another hint. If he is, you can probably expect Yang to return as well.
  • It is unknown if any other Street Fighter 5 characters will be returning from previous games, since Blanka, M. Bison, and Vega were noticeably missing from the teaser.

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