First Major Update for Elite: Dangerous is on the way

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First Major Update for Elite: Dangerous is on the way

Elite Dangerous is a space adventure, trading and combat simulator set in a galaxy based on the real Milky Way. Players can explore any star system in the Milky Way, furthering themselves through trade, bounty-hunting, asteroid mining and other missions and interact with other players in a massively multiplayer persistent world, as well as a single player online-only mode.

The first major update for the game is on the way in early February, with the full release expected a week later. Update 1.1 will "introduce a new way to collaborate with other players in the galaxy in preparation for 1.2's major Wings update".

The player wings update will give you the ability to mechanically group up with a small number of other players and to share rewards and risk. "We have some some good news for planners of long journeys – V1.1 will also have a significant increase in the maximum distance for the route planner. We’re currently looking at extending this to 1,000 light years,” executive producer Michel Brookes commented.

"Looking further ahead there will be a 1.2 update which is planned to enter beta testing in the first week of March. The focus for this update will be Wings and other multiplayer goodness." Frontier also mentioned that they are working on major expansions for the game. Check out the official Elite Dangerous website for more information.

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