Batman Arkham Asylum Easy Free Flow Tips

Here are some Batman Archam Asylum tips on how to get the 40 move combo:

Thanks to Kpear for the submission:

These tips will be listed in order:

1. Purchase critical combo strikes.

2. Find a group of 6-7 men preferably unarmed (without knives and batons).

3. When you first see the group, just run in and go nuts punching and kicking for an easy 7+ move combo. It should turn yellow meaning that the critical combo strikes will occur from here on out. This skill seems to elongate the amount of time between attacks, so that the move counter doesn't disappear as quickly. If you get hit, just press start button and restart from last checkpoint. You don't want to end up with a 39 counter, because they died from being damaged to much.

4 .You must utilize the jump move (A button) after every attack. In other words, after you get that 7+ move comb in #3, using left stick, point toward 1 enemy (preferably someone who is more secluded from the rest) and press A button. You'll jump over the enemy, basically making you invincible (similar to countering).

5. After jumping over the one lone enemy in #4, press the left stick in the opposite direction towards the enemy you jumped over, and press X to attack.

6. From here you just want to repeat step #4 and #5 until you get to 40 moves. After facing around 6 enemies, I got to 43 before they all died. So, there is barely any room for mistake unless there are even larger groups of enemies that I haven't encounter yet.

What you want to watch for is double jumping. Make sure you do not do 2 jumps in a row. What this will do is cancel out the current combo counter. This was my biggest problem trying to get it. After realizing this, I literally got the achievement on my next try. If you happen to jump to far away from the enemies, do not jump again, just press X, and attack. Batman has almost shotgun range when it comes to melee. You'll hit someone.