Dragon Age: Origins - Awakenings Trailer

Here is a new Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings trailer.

BioWares next thread in the Dragon Age: Origins tapestry, occurs following the events of Dragon Age: Origins and puts players into the role of a Grey Warden Commander entrusted with rebuilding the order of Grey Wardens.

In addition to rebuilding the ranks of the Grey Wardens, you will be tasked with uncovering the mystery of how the darkspawn survive after the slaying of the Archdemon.

How players choose to rebuild their order, resolve the conflict with the mysterious Architect, and determine the fate of the darkspawn are just some of the many intriguing moral choices that will shape each players heroic journey.

Players will be able to import their character from Dragon Age: Origins or start out as a new Grey Warden from the neighboring land of Orlais.