GTA IV 100% Checklist

GTA 4 100% Checklist

Here is a 100% checklist for Grand Theft Auto 4.

Storyline Missions - 60%

  • Complete all 90 missions in the main storyline, in any possible order.
  • The pause menu stat will say 94 missions, because 4 missions have two parts.
  • Different choices of killing or sacrificing does not cripple affect your chances for 100%.

Assassination Missions - 2%

  • Finish all 9 assassination missions for the fixer, activated through a pay phone.
  • The pay phone is at the intersection of Traeger Road and Odhner Avenue in Alderney.
  • There will be weapons and armor for you between the pile of wood in the compound by the pay phone.

Brucie's Races - 2%

  • Win in the 9 races given to you by Brucie.
  • Take your time during turns in each race, the AI sucks, so no need to rush.
  • The cars the opponents have is based on the car you bring to the race.

Brucie's Exports - 2%

  • Steal the cars Brucie tells you to, 10 in total, and take them to his lockup.
  • The cars you are told to steal, and their locations, are random.
  • The cars will always be guarded by people with guns...who will shoot at you.
  • He tells you which car to steal through your email.

Stevie's Car Thefts - 2%

  • Find and deliver all 30 cars to his garage as requested by Stevie, through text messages.
  • The order of the cars you are asked for will be random, not the locations.
  • Be sure to leave your phone ON after meeting Derrick, or you may never get to do these missions.
  • After completing this, the garage will be open, for you to delivery any car for cash.
  • You can keep any car he asks for, and it will respawn in it's found location.

Little Jacob's Deliveries - 2%

  • Complete all 10 deliveries for Little Jacob.
  • You can just go inside the rusty car to get the package, and take a taxi to the destination.
  • The Rasta Huntley you receive on your last run can be commonly found.

Current Crimes Vigilante Missions - 2.5%

  • Do 20 current crimes vigilante missions, accessible through the police computer in a police car.
  • You do not have to do them consecutively.
  • You'll receive an on screen message when you have done 20 of them.

Most Wanted - 2.5%

  • Kill 30 criminals in in the most wanted menu of the police computer in a police car.
  • There are 10 most wanted criminals per island.

Random Encounters - 5%

  • Finish all 16 of the missions random pedestrians give you
  • You will have 1 encounter with the following: Badman, Gracie, Ilyena, Hossan, Mel.
  • You will have 2 encounters with the following: Eddie, Marnie, Pathos Sara.
  • You will meet Brian 3 times.
  • Jeff, and people who appear randomly as a sacrificial choice do not count.

Activities - 5%

  • Do every possible activity with Little Jacob, Brucie, and Packie, at least once.
  • Little Jacob: Darts, drinking, eating, pool, show, strip club.
  • Brucie: Boating, bowling, drinking, eating, heli ride, show, strip club
  • Packie: Bowling, darts, drinking, pool, show, strip club.
  • You can do more than 1 activity consecutively.

Special Abilities - 5%

  • Gain Little Jacob's, Brucie's, and Packie's special ability, by increasing their like.
  • Little Jacob: 60 % like, to unlock his special ability to sell you discounted guns from his car trunk.
  • Brucie: 70% like, to unlock his special ability to pick you up at a helipad in a helicopter.
  • Packie: 75 % like, to unlock his special ability of leaving a car bomb some place near.
  • You get friend's likes up by taking them out, and not ignoring them for long periods.

Competitions - 5%

  • Win 1 game of pool, bowling, and darts against a friend or a NPC.
  • Beat the high score of 11000 points in the QUB3D arcade game.

Flying Rats - 2.5%

  • Shoot all 200 designated pigeons, around Liberty City.
  • The pigeons have a red glow, very distinguishable at night time.
  • You will most likely gain a wanted level every time you shoot one.
  • There are 56 in Alderney, 71 in Algonquin, and 73 in Dukes/Bohan/Broker
  • The reward for this is a crappy annihilator helicopter on the MeTV building.

Unique Jumps - 2.5%

  • Successfully find, and land all 50 unique jumps.
  • You will obviously need a fast car or bike.
  • 18 in Alderney, 15 in Algonquin, 17 in Dukes/Broker/Bohan
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