Modern Warfare 2 Guide

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Thanks to Brad Russel for this Modern Warfare 2 guide.
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Guide by: Brad Russell "TheGum"

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*Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2*

* Game:        Modern Warfare 2          *
* Type: Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For: XBox 360, PS3, PC         *
* Author: Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email: [email protected]  *
* Web:  *

Version 1.0 - got the main game finished. Update should cover vet and the
special ops, but should not be expected soon - A. Creed 2 is next.


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Table Of Contents
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Section: Code:

1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls ( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )
4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )

Team Player
No Russian* (the mission you can skip)
The Hornet's Nest
The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday
The Gulag
Of Their Own Accord
Second Sun
Whiskey Hotel
Loose Ends
The Enemy of My Enemy
Just Like Old Times

5. Intel Locations ( INTEL55 )
6. Other Modes (soon)
7. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Not much to say, perfect FPS, a story that isn't just phoned in, and just
near photo realistic graphics. Really a must play by anyone with a gaming

The only thing worth talking about is the mission "No Russian", which you
are heavily warned by the game itself. I do think it was put in for pure
shock value. Aside from possible anti-terrorism criticisms on the US, it
just seems too easy to sit back and let the event unfold. I actually haven't
been too fond on these "extreme" first person events from this series lately,
it's becoming a lame gimmick.

What next, they're gonna make us shoot puppies and bury us alive?


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *


A - jump
B - crouch; press again to prone (lie down)
X - reload/use; usually need to hold to use something
Y - switch guns
RT - fire, don't have to aim
RB - frag grenade
LT - aim down the sight
LB - special grenade (either flash or smoke)
RS - look/aim; click to melee
LS - move; click to sprint
D-Pad - inventory
START - pause
BACK - multiplayer scoreboard

PS3 and PC stuff should be standard, 360 controls are exactly as in COD4.

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Reload often, and use your backup gun instead of reloading when in combat.
Pistols and shotguns are faster to switch to while fighting than reloading,
and honestly you don't lose a lot in firepower by switching, just maybe a
little less speed of firing.

#2. Cover cover cover. This isn't a cover-based game with a stick-to-the-wall
mechanic, but you still need to use anything you can to hide behind and peek
around the corner to fire, or use anything else in your inventory to scatter
enemies. Lastly, many guns can shoot through surfaces, so use caution when
hiding behind cardboard boxes.

#3. Sprinting almost makes you un-hittable, but of course you can't fire
during. If you're position is compromised and enemies are surrounding you, or
a frag lands near you, just sprint away. If you are caught in the open and
under fire, just sprint away to cover. You'd be suprised how often you can
save your ass this way.

#4. Preset enemies are more common than the infinite streams this series is
notorious for. But more importantly, you need to realize that this game
doesn't have "gates" that are opened by killing X number of enemies, usually
the missions progress just by you reaching an area or using something. Rarely
is it your top priority to kill everyone firing at you. And as we said,
sprinting makes you hard to hit, so kill a few enemies and sprinting to the
path is best in some instances.

#5. Don't waste your tools, but don't forget you have them. Yeah, requires some
advanced knowledge to know when in a level to use certain things like smoke
grenades, but so long as you don't blow them all in one fight, probably okay to
use them when you want to.

#6. Stick to your allies. Less of them will keep getting replaced, but they
are still valuable to not only try to protect, they do very well to help
you kill enemies.

#7. Frag often, frag hard. Your grenades should be used often because you'll
find more all over. Use them when you see clusters of enemies, or you are
pinned down.

#8. Cook your frags, meaning you hold the toss button for about one-two seconds
before you toss it. This reduces the chance the enemies can toss it back.

#9. Rarely ever swap guns that you are given, especially on the "sniper"
missions, but I try my best to tell you when to swap out.

#10. Make sure enemies are dead, a wounded enemy can fire pistol rounds at you
if you don't kill them.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *


Pick up the gun on the table, then turn and don't aim as you fire at the
targets. Then crouch and aim. Next you learn how to aim, fire, let go,
and aim again to auto-aim at new targets. Quicker than manually swinging your
aim to the next tango. And finally, pick up some grenades on the table and
toss one to the targets. Notice how these frags roll more so than in other
games, so take note.

Next, note that when you have objectives to reach, there is a marker on the
screen that displays your distance to the marker in meters. So just head that

*INTEL: Across from the entrance to the pit, along some sandbags.*

Head to the pit and to the tables and boxes of guns. Pick up the Desert Eagle
and learn how to switch to it. Any time you have a pistol, switching to that is
faster than reloading you gun. Keep that in mind for heavy fights at close
range with little cover.

You can pick up other guns if you want, you can carry any two. The ACR Holo
is a very nice weapon with a big clip. The G18 shoots fast for a handgun,
but has a lot of bullets per clip.

This course is purely a test to see what level of difficulty to set your
game at. There are 8 "segments" to the course, they are in order:

Totals: 24 enemies and 11 civilians

Start - 3 enemies
Further up - 2 enemies and 1 civilian
Before building - 5 enemies and 2 civilians
Downstairs - 3 enemies and 2 civilians
Top of stairs - knife an enemy
Rooftop - 4 enemies and 2 civilians
Jump down - 4 enemies and 3 civilians
Last enemies - 2 enemies and 1 civilian

The achievement here is under 30 seconds. The average run is under 1 minute,
so there is a lot of running to do here. Missing enemies costs you 2 seconds
per, and a run where you only kill the knife guy is near 22 seconds or so.

The thing is, accuracy near 100% subtracts time, while not skipping any targets
and not hitting any civilians will not add time.

I won't do a play-by-play because the targets do move around where they spawn.
This means that there is an element of luck, such as enemies behind civilians
not popping up behind them in a run.

I will give a few pieces of advice. Use the ACR and G18. No reloading, and you
can switch to the G18 when you drop down from the roof. Always aim down the
sights, you'll have terrible accuracy otherwise. You can move while shooting,
there is no penalty for that, or knifing tangos - but stopping at any point
hurts your chances for the achievement. And sprint always between segments.

Again, there is luck involved, so it's on you how much you want the achievement
for this.

A time under 40 seconds seems to get you the recommended hardened level, but
don't try to play this course a million times for the achievement and think
you want to play the game this way - you probably don't. I say just play it
once and play on regular, but it's up to you.

*NOTE: This guide is made for regular.*

Just go up the stairs to end the mission.

Team Player

You start out in the middle of a fight, so run up, switch to the grenade
feature on your rifle, and start pelting the dudes across the way. Safe cover
is to the right. Save a few for the bridge when RPGs appear there. Clear the
bridge to hit the checkpoint.

Run up the stairs and into the humvee. After the militia scouts, the next
alley has heat. Mow down the guys on the roof ahead, then it's just a crazy
rail segment where you hit anything shooting at you, but you must hit a truck
in the alley to move on. The thing ends after you hear "RPG on the roof".

Stand up and run to the right and into the building for cover. Stay behind the
sandbags and move to the stairs, ready to hit anyone that comes down. Toss a
flashbang up the stairs and then run up with guns blazin'. Move to the back
and take cover.

Pop the 6 or so enemies that appear at the front of the school, then run in
with your team. Toss a frag or flash down the hall, then mow them down. To
the right in a room to clear, as well as guys in the hall running to the stairs
the whole time.

Move to the stairs and up, then just mow down enemies as you move down the
hall to outside. Staying in cover as you move up the hall seems the best way,
the rooms seem to make this harder. If you have trouble, but blow our frags and
flashbangs, you won't need them.

*INTEL: In the last classroom before you leave, on the right wall.*

*INTEL: As you exit the school, this laptop is right in your path.*

When outside, move to the alley and get ready to hit guys. At the corner,
enter the garage to the left. When this alley is clear, just move up the path
to regroup with allies.


Just follow, you won't fall. At the climbing part, just swing one pick, let
go of that one, swing the next, let go, swing the other, and so on. You can't
stay on one pick forever, you'll fall. So keep moving.

For the jump, I believe you could just fall over and you'll trigger the
scene, but fell free to jump. After the scene, be sure to hold the right side
pick or you will die, and quickly start climbing.

Bring up the little radar on your gun and move with Soap. When you have two
tangos in sight, you take the left one on 3. Same deal up a little bit.

Then you two will split. The superior move is to clear out all the enemies to
the right, which you may just need to get in your vision and Soap will take
them out. You do this so that when you approach the marked building, it will
just be the one guard and no alert. Inside, melee the guard from behind.

*INTEL: Once you split up, go forward, feel free to clear the tangos all over
the right side, and go up the ladder to the tower for this one the catwalk.*

A truck will constantly be patrolling the road to the east, so always be ready
to run for cover. The best option is to go south, skipping the SW building
with two guards inside. Soap should take the guy on the ridge, and if you stop
behind the building by the road, just see if enemies are near, and dash for the
fueling station, even when Soap tells you to stop, that's enemies behind you,
so keep going.

Plant the charge, then follow this wall south. Once you're within about 80
meters of the marker, cut west, to avoid the thermal scans to the far south.
In the middle of the runway, you can pop two guys through the head in one pull
the the trigger, or skip them. Then watch the next pair by the dividers, which
you can go around and to the target building, but the entry is behind. Watch
for a car that may swing by, and follow the wall to the back.

*INTEL: In the other building, also in the back, break a window and grab the

Go in and up to find the ACS. When you come back, hide atop the stairs behind
cover and hit the button before he reaches zero. Then start sniping people
and then follow Soap out and to the right. Clear all enemies around you when
you hit this building. Peek around and clear as many as you can, then run to
the downed MIG as you kill more. Then make a break to the left and hide
behind the dividers, but look southeast for the snow mobiles to appear and
take them out. Then just make a break for the marker up ahead.

Slide down the slope, then just turn and anticipate the 5 guys to trigger the
snow mobiles to appear, pop the first one, and then hide behind the south
end of the little shack (the northern shack). Soap takes out one mobile, and
you can kill the other two in the middle. Then hop onto your ride.

*INTEL: Very hard to get this one, but it's not too bad. Just follow the
ride down the big slope. Once you reach about 1800m of the marker, it changes
around this point, so the second marker, try to stay on the right side to
see a small shack on the right. The laptop is between the trees just across
from this shack - you drive over it.*

You can shoot, and Soap is far above, so don't worry about hitting him. Very
tough to give a play-by-play here. I'll instead rely on you knowing to
follow the markers, and hopefully you know that taking the paths full of trees
is your own risk, but it can be done. Just kill guys in front of you, avoid
the fire from the chopper (you can see the ground getting shot), and don't
hit anything. After you make a turn and hit a huge downward slope, just swerve
to miss the trees and hit the jump as hard as you can.

No Russian

*NOTE: Where's the option to shoot this guy, or myself?*

Well, all I can say is you don't have to fire a bullet.

That is until you hit the runway. You must help these guys move up, so feel
free to pull up your grenade launcher or toss frags to clear the riot shield
guys. Best to advance along the right side wall, then run left under a plane
to trigger the next bunch of enemies.

Once they are cleared, just follow Makarov to the ambulance.


Feel free to press the duck button before the dude opens fire, but if you watch
it play out, duck after he kills everyone in the front truck.

Then follow your guys as they chase. At the corner of the alley, aim for his
LEGS, not his back, aim low to take him down or you fail.

Follow Royce and Meat to the slums and take cover to the left behind the car.
Mow down the first enemies, and then get ready for a slow advance to the
southwest corner (upper right). So make your way right, go slow and watch out
for guys that pop out from behind doors. Again, move slow, and toward the end
you can just made a dash for the alley. You can make this slum very hard if you
don't just head for the alley.

*INTEL: You will have to almost clear this whole place out for this intel, so
take it slow, no rush. There are two paths to get through this favela, left or
right side of the map. This intel is at the very back, almost straight down
the middle. It's inside a green house with a bridge on the roof.*

Dog on the court, so kill it before it comes to you. Run up and take cover to
the right behind the corner of the building and prepare for incoming dogs and
enemies. They are on the ground and two rooftops, so kill the dog, kill any
on the ground, and work your way up. When clear, run to the right and you
should be able to flank the three enemies waiting down the other alleyway.

Follow the right side path up, but be ready for a guy at a window above when
within 60 meters of the marker. Now you'll just go northeasterly. Guys in house
which is a checkpoint. Down the alley is a ton of guys. This is where you pull
out your shotgun, which is a deadly weapon at decent range, not just right next
to an enemy. Toss a frag and use it to cut a path out of this house and into
the corner to the right. Clear the guys near this corner, then use your ACR
to peek around and pick off the others down the way. Sometimes there are a few
at the very back, sometimes one; that's your destination.

Shotgun as you approach the window at the corner. A guy will pop out from
the corner and from the window, so blast them both. Head to the back and take
out the RPG gunner. From here peek around the next corner and pop enemies up
to the left and then all over the building. Toss a frag over the ladder below
it before you climb up because guys are inside.

*INTEL: Climb this short ladder and the intel is right inside the door.*

Clear them in the first building and then use the right side window to take
out the ones you can see. The goal is to make the taller building to the left,
which has guys just inside the doorway, so toss in a frag and run in with the
shotgun to clear it up and down.

*INTEL: Inside this tall brick building, in a bottom room.*

Come back out and at the slope behind the building, clear the three roofs up
above of four guys. Don't take the building, just use the corner stairs and
pop the guys on a roof, about four, and then more down the way. Now get up
and move down the path as you pop enemies, one coming out of a window on the

Go up and around the corner you got a few guys down the way. You could even
sneak around the right side of this building and hope over the broken shading
to really seem like you're outsmarting them.

*INTEL: When you round the corner to get up here, on the right is a little
building. Inside is a stairway to a room with the intel by the beds.*

With this last stretch clear, just follow the path to the end.


Run right with your squad. Follow them to the street, then toss some smoke to
the tank, kill a few reds, then run up and to the right into the alley. Toss
a frag and take cover then clear it out. Get to the corner and fight your way
down the next alley.

*INTEL: In the gas station on the counter.*

Fight it out at the gas station, then move up to the street and across the
Nates. Enemies to the left, but you can ignore them and find the ladder either
at the back or in the kitchen to get to the roof.

*INTEL: Now is an okay time to get this. Go north of Nates into the bank, and
clear it out. The laptop is toward the left side, at the north end of the

*INTEL: Also a good time to grab this one, in the taco place south of Nates,
in a booth.*

*INTEL: Finish it out, grab this in a dumpster on the east side of Burger

There is a turret here that you can move around but not control; it shoots on
its own. Move it to look south, which it should be already, and pick up the
thermal sniper rifle nearby if you want, not needed. If you do you can help
the drone pick off enemies in the smoke down below.

After that, pick it up and put it on the other side of the roof. An alternative
that works quite well is to face it east, which is covering both ladders. This
works because the enemies are just trying to get on the roof anyway, so may as
well have the drone help that effort. There is ammo in a crate in the middle of
this roof.

Once the roof is clear, get off of it. Feel free to bring the drone down, but
not needed. The BTRs are now on the street, and they are between you and the
gas station you passed by earlier. Your goal is to get in the gas station and
pick up the predator drone kit.

Several ways to cross the street, the best being to toss three smoke grenades
along the way and dash into the diner (enter from the right side of the
entrance). Most of the enemies should be cleared by your guys, then just go
behind the counter, kill anyone coming into the building, and then open up
the predator controls. Once in the view, fire the missile and guide it to the
tanks, and then again - feel free to clear out any more targets you wish.

Now your goal will be to fight to the Burger Town to the south. Take out the
predator and send a missile to the front of the Burger Town (it's the building
with all the dots), to clear out the cars in front - you can take cover at the
sign at the entrance to the parking lot. Now run up, toss in a frag, and take
cover at the left wall outside the joint. From here just pop a few bullets
inside as your team clears it.

Get in and soon you'll be told to protect Foley and friends as they leave
Nates and enter the new safe spot. Enemies are to the east, at the taco place.
Once they are in, you must use the predator to take out massive waves of
enemies all over, so you can hide here in the freezer of anywhere in the
Burger Town. Just always use the predator, about four times, and aim for the
clusters of enemies, even if it's just a few; you should get a few big waves
and a couple of moderate ones.

After that, you lose the predator as a group approaches from the north, so
take them out.

Next you must head back to diner behind the gas station. Grab the Stinger here
and use it to down the chopper above you; just lock on and fire.

Huge incoming from the taco place to the east, but your next objective is
Nates. Run there and up to the roof. Quickly use it to down the heli and then
take cover.

Feel free to jump down and make your way to the street behind Burger Town
because that is where the convoy will park and wait for you.

The Hornet's Nest

Go right and use any cover as you start picking off heads all over this alley,
and more on the building roof ahead. Go right and into the building, shoot the
guy ahead through the door, and then hit the two gunners on the trucks that
appear on the road, all as you pop heads all along the rooftops - these trucks
with mounted guns are called "technicals."

*NOTE: Feel free to pick up an M4A1, red dot or not, when you find one.*

Both the left and right path converge on a narrow path.

*INTEL: At this point, go right and into the building, which has a garage and
a kitchen. The intel is on a table in the kitchen.*

Clear this road, then more at each corner up ahead. Down in the grassy area is
a ton of enemies that will try to inch closer to your position, so be frosty
and be aggressive to not let them flood your guys. Should be a brief pause,
then be ready to hit the guys that come out of a building to the right.

*INTEL: To the left of this grassy area, this laptop is in a little shack as
you start up the stairs.*

Up the slanted road head, couple of guys inside the first building, so be sure
to clear it out, go inside if you must, as well as a few guys up high on this
road, so be on the lookout. Easy to tag the ones on the ground, shouldn't be
any trouble.

The best thing to do so as to not get destroyed from above, is to take this
left side path to the upper levels and follow it down. There is heavy enemy
support inside the second building, and on the roof just beyond it. Quickly
get across the makeshift bridge, clear out enemies from here, and hopefully
your team will be making their way up the road.

*INTEL: After this road is clear, to the right is a blue car. Go up the
building it sits next to and you'll find this on the second level.*

Two enemies at the end of this road will appear, then start popping heads as
you advance up this street. Guys way to the back and an RPG gunner to the left,
so get an angle to take him out. You can run up and find this alley to the left
is decent cover. From this alley, take out the gunner and friends to the
upper right.

Clear it out to the end of the road, and then you reach a market. Don't be
afraid to shoot chickens, you already slaughtered civilians in an airport, this
is chickenfeed. Just clear out what you can, then pull our your G18, your
handgun, and run to the left side path. About six enemies in here, so the
fast fire of the G18 will help you better get through.

Run down the path and follow your pals through the houses. Up ahead is a brief
firefight with enemies all over the building across the soccerfield area, so
pick them off and it's clear.

*INTEL: Before you go up to the roof, go right and you'll find this through
a window behind the soccer goal.*

Hop up to the roof and sprint, jump when you think there is a gap or try to
follow the bridges. Then jump at the long gap for a quick pause.

Yup, there are like 100 enemies firing on you. Run straight through this
building, down a dark alley and up the building to reach the roof (probably
a million ways to reach this point or some other point, just don't stop I

Once on the roof, just follow the marker on your screen. And once you reach it,
either follow common sense, the markers that pop up from here on out, or his
voice as you follow a downward path and make the final jump to the choppa!


Follow the right side, hit the RPG gunner on a roof, pick up a TAR-21 when
you find one, and then use the stryker function from your inventory to target
and confirm fire on the yellow house. Clear your way into this house, and then
send the turret fire on the gray house across from the yellow house.

Move up the right side of the street and be ready to paint choppers and the
apartments on the left side the street up ahead. Mainly there is this little
front office thing where the enemies like to hide in, this should be your
target, not the actually huge apartment buildings. But there is at least one
RPG gunner in the second apartment structure, so take him out.

*INTEL: Inside this front office building to the apartments.*

There is a purple house on the right side of the street that can take some
turret fire, then be ready for more hostiles and a chopper down the road.
Quickly take out the sentry gun (red laser from it) way down the road.

Then paint the security station way down the road on the left side. This is a
massive sercurity checkpoint area. I say move up the left side, along the
grass, and go around this building that you painted earlier. Move behind it
and paint the left side building across this parking lot, this will have a
ton of enemies moving around it. When you move up to this building, everyone
else should move up too.

*INTEL: See the archway up above? The intel is in the right-side station.*

A brief moment of calm before the bridge. Run up the bridge, clear a path to
the right, and into the garage. Maybe peek out to the street and tell the
turret to hit tangos across the street. Make your way into the second building,
and all the while be careful of enemiems behind you, best to just stay moving.
There should be two in this second house on the right side.

*INTEL: When you reach the second house on the right of this neighborhood,
find the stairs and the laptop is on a chair upstairs.*

Now just work your way down the street to the end, and feel free to send the
turret after any enemy you see, then paint the house on the right of the street
to clear it out.

Enter this house from the garage, and feel free to toss in your frags across
the living room, or you can ignore them and just follow the wall left to get

All you do is stand here and paint the two anti-air setups you see with your
laser, which now sends in artillery.

Now head west and across another bridge, and swing your way through the crash
and into the second level on the house. Pick up the briefcase in the panic

The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday

Move up and use the melee button whenever. Go up and Soap takes out the first
enemy, just be sure you are crouching. Feel free to switch to your M4A1 for
this mission.

Take up position at the first door with Soap, and hold the breach button
when ready. When in control, take out the first enemy and do your best to
avoid the hostages on the floor, there are four in here, so only aim high and
quickly take out the enemies before they can respond. Then follow the team up.

*INTEL: Up the stairs and almost going back outside, this laptop is on a

Follow to the second hostage room. Same deal, breach and hit all the guys in
front of you, the hostages are to the sides.

After this save, plant C4 on the far body, then go back the way you came and
up a ladder to sit on a scaffolding. Wait until the "Plan B. Do it" call and
pull the trigger. There is a Dragunov for sniping, but your M4A1 is good enough
to mop them up. Clear out a few enemies at the corner, then into a room
on the next corner.

*INTEL: Just inside this room, on the right on a shelf.*

Going up the stairs is tricky, so feel free to let your guys go ahead of you -
too hard to hit enemies with allies going up. Clear your way to the long
stretch and you'll see tons of enemies pour out from far away, just pop as many
as you can and move up to the room on the right.

An enemy heli will be outside, and there are Stingers in here to use to take
it down; it's lock and fire to take it out.

Around the next corner are a few more, and at the next corner is a tricky
segment. You can take the high road, but bullets can go through the walkway,
so I say stay on the ground. Just peek around this corner and take everyone
out you see, and usually more will be lingering.

*NOTE: Lots of Stingers and thermal guns lying around. Don't need the Stingers
after you down the chopper, and you don't need the thermals for these enemies,
so don't pick them up.*

Once this area is clear, feel free to keep your M4A1 and pick up a thermal
F2000 or anything you may like.

*INTEL: After you clear this area, on the ground, to the right, is a room with
a staircase, and under it is an intel.*

Now take the stairs on the outside to go up. Just run to the far left and
behind this circular thing, you're basically cornered, but hard to hit and
no danger from behind. From here just use your thermal gun, there are a few
nearby if you missed them, and just hit anything you see that doesn't have a
name-tag appear to indicate an ally.

After you clear a few to the right, peek around and take out the guys far away
and kind up the middle. Once they are gone, start on the guys to the far left.
Use caution as you move up, ready to melee, and follow Soap to a door.

Breach and hit the guy to the left first, the guy to the right and then the
guy behind him, and finally the guy at the very back. It's one shot, don't
hit the hostages, or the bombs at the back.

Then just get to the choppa!

The Gulag

*NOTE: Be sure to use the steady feature, almost impossible to snipe without
using it.*

Snipe the first guys on the first tower, then the two waves of guys on the
second tower.

When you land, pop an enemy or two on the ground, then crouch, pull out your
sniper, and pick off the guys high up above (shouldn't need to steady here).
Then take cover behind the tank as a chopper takes out the enemies up high and
a few more. Feel free to pick off a few more in the yard, or move up with your
M4A1. Clear your way into a smaller yard and get the few enemies in here.

*INTEL: Up the stairs behind the entrance to the prison, it's on the wall in
this room.*

Clear the forward enemies and then snipe the guys farther away, until your
band of idiots cloud your sights, then just go up to the control room with

*INTEL: Behind the monitors in the control room.*

Now it's just follow the team and pick off enemies all around this ring as
gates open up. The spotlight helps, but isn't always pointing in the right

It gets interesting when you get a level lower into the armory. There are
riot shields to pick up, and they only replace one gun, so swap one for your
sniper. Use this for cover, or if feeling brave you can try to pick off tangos
and only use the shield when hurt.

Either way, survive the crapshoot and start picking off enemies from the
outer ring.

*INTEL: Inside the first room on the side, beyond a locked gate.*

Get to the rappel point and turn on your night vision as you enter the dark
tunnel. Cook a frag and toss it around the corner, then crouch behind one of
little sidings of the gate here and just pop enemies as they run around.
Careful as you move up, shotgun guy in the last cell to the right, or maybe
in any cell.

Turn off night vision up ahead, and at the service tunnel be ready for a flash
bang, then take out the three tangos. Three more at the end of this long
stretch, and they are just waiting for you, so feel free to pop the first guy
and cook a frag down the hall.

Breach and kill as many as you can, then post up behind a shower. Pop the pairs
of guys up above on both sides. But then as you move to the second segment you
must use your riot shield, so just put it on, stick your butt to a wall, and
bash fools as you move up, and just dash for the hole in the third segment of
this area.

In the sewers, just move up and breach the wall for a scene.

*INTEL: Quickly turn around, look right, and grab the intel.*

Follow the guys, which was up, and left if you missed it, or wait at this
intersection, as they will come back and into a room with a warhead. Then just
be ready to grab the end of the rope.

Of Their Own Accord

Just follow the path to Foley and follow him. When told, run up to the the
right entrance of the building, and from here just pick off enemies up high,
including one RPG behind the opposite desk. When given the clear, run into the
hallway on the right, but there are most likely enemies behind you still.

*INTEL: In this hall, jump on the body holding the elevator door open, crouch,
and grab the intel inside.*

Move up to the courtyard and you got mucho enemies in the opposite building,
but just run up, hug the wall, clear the inside by the front desk, and then
run in behind this desk and pick off enemies from here.

Follow your team all the way to the top level. Kill the guys by the missile
launcher, then run left and in the corner take out the guy behind the door and
any incoming tangos.

*INTEL: Inside the room where the guy was shooting out the door.*

Now go up to a little tricky series of rooms where you can hunt down two
groups of enemies, one on the left and one down the hall. Then you approach
the RPG nest and just mow down the enemies, including one down a little

Take up the sniper rifle down this slope, and basically you are hitting any
target you see. Aim a little in front of moving targets, you're very far away
from them, but not too far in front or too close; it's like 5 feet in front.

After that, drop the gun and turn, stay in this slope, and shoot anything
coming through that doorway.

Final task from here, pick up a Javelin and lock and fire on anything you
see. Get choppers first since they fire on you, then take out the tanks on
the ground, but I believe Foley can handle the tanks.

Last thing to do here, just turn and run up the stairs. Top of the first a guy
pops out of a door, then just keep going until you hit the roof and get on the

Mow down everything you see in a little open space, choppers, RPGs, fuel
trucks, and anything, then the guys on the street. After you're hit, mow down
the fools in the windows. Then take out any missile turrets on the roof.

Last but not least, just hit anything you can see.


Move up and hide in the bushes and behind the trees at the corner of the

Take out either of the two nearer enemies, Price takes the other.

Move up the rail, go prone (hold the crouch button), and you're job is to snipe
the dog handler, the dog, and other dude far away; plenty of time.

Across the bridge, get to the incoming tank and then sprint down the woods,
should be fine. Then hide in the bushes behind Price. Follow him up to the
next hiding spot. There are three enemies to the left, and you can position
yourself to take out the right two in one shot, then the left one; of anything
close to that.

*INTEL: After you kill these three, just move left to find the intel on a
air-dropped crate.*

Quickly follow Price, there are pats all over this place, so stick to him.
At the stop, peek around the right side of his tree, and get the left enemy
first, then the right - he takes the dog and master.

Up ahead you just wait for a three-man patrol to go by, with two dogs. It's
a bit timely, but you can hit the last two in the conga line, Price hits the
back dog, and the front two will just keep going. You swing around the back of
their path, and then you can finish off the last two.

Follow Price up to the ridge, open the predator from your inventory, and then
slide down. Swap your sniper for the M240, and take out any guys on the left
of the road; the guys on the right are allies.

Go around the far building and start picking off enemies, then make a mad dash
up to the supply crate, and from here feel free to make a break up the path
to the next area, or fight your way up.

Whip out the predator and send it at the moving truck, hopefully when it stops
to have a shot at hitting more, or when it's near the guys near your position.
Pop a few heads and run down to the entrance. While you are advancing, you can
hit the tank on the far side of the compound and then any red dots not near
your position; easy if you follow Price.

Head into the "33" building, which is to the left, and you can use this M240
to shoot through the walls.

*INTEL: Inside building 33, toward the opposite end by a door.*

*INTEL: Just outside building 33, there is a helipad. Kill the guys up it and
take the stairs to find this laptop in a corner, not on the helipad though.*

Careful before you advance too far up beyond the helipad, if you do you'll have
your pals move up near enemies. It's best to use a predator missile on the
other side of this helipad to take out enemies, but then wait until your team
is on the other side before using another - just trying to help you not kill

Just fight your way up to the second helipad, especially when that is your
objective upcoming. Once there, whip out the predator and start sending it at
the three enemy incomings: two from the direction you came, and one way north
by the sub. You can use the RPG on the nearer waves, and the Dragunov on the
northern wave.

Second Sun

Okay, you did this before, but this time it's shorter. Just try for headshots
I guess.

Yep, they are telling you to turn right, so look right. Awesome.

Now run up the left, and after the chopper crashes, go right into the building.
Then go up to the corner and into the building on the right for ammo, an extra
gun, and then hop out (you have to grab the ammo).

Follow your team up, converse, and then another chance to grab ammo in this
building. Enemies in this office on the other side of the door, and you won't
have a sight on your M4A1, but your handgun isn't a better option.

Just use some common sense, the fact that this gun can penetrate surfaces, and
that an enemy through the box of your sight is a good enough sign to shoot.
Good to cook frags before you throw them here. Clear and move to the next
office for more of the same.

Outside, your team takes out three unsuspecting tangos, then they reach a flare
where it's unknown if the bodies are friend or foe. Just get ready to shoot
where the flare lands, or toss in a cooked frag. There will be guys by the bus
and behind it.

Head into the building and down to the big door. Hop on down.

Whiskey Hotel

Follow the tunnel to the end. Go up and move to the left when told. In a
blast spot you'll find an M16A4, and this is a better gun because the sight
is working. Pick it up and use it to mow down the tangos to the left.

Run to the left side of this building, toss a cooked frag to the front of the
building, and then mow down the bad guys through the shrubs. Go in and through
the door is a fight. If you find an RPD, pick it up since your M16A4 is going
to run out of ammo soon.

*INTEL: After the door is opened, go up and to the left is the laptop on a

Just move up the left side as you head through this media building. Fight it
out at the back room, then cautiously advance to the back, the office areas,
especially ready to melee a guy when you move up. The RPD is now too slow to
move on, find an AK-47 of anything faster to move with.

Then you hear you have two minutes to reach the roof. Just run up and into the
next building, the White House, and wait for Foley to open the door. Big fight
in here, so work fast and go up the stairs.

*INTEL: At the top of the stairs, go into the room and turn right to grab the
intel on a desk, quickly.*

Now just haul ass to the roof and pull the trigger to pop your flare.

Loose Ends

Move up and get ready to hold the melee button to avoid the land mine. And
through the haze try to tag the tangos up on the ridge to the left.

Now you will move through the left side of this area, and through the smoke,
and any target you see that doesn't have a green name when you aim at them
gets free bullets. This isn't like the oil rig, they can't see you through the
the smoke either, so it's safe to be in the smoke and ready to melee.

Should just be two "waves" of enemies, then just watch your pals take out the
two trucks that go by. Approach the house.

*INTEL: Go west behind the house and to the boathouse for this intel along it's
outer wall.*

You can breach at any of three points, but let's pick the upper left door. You
breach, hit a guy just to your left, two more farther up to the left, then you
run left and mow down three tangos as they move. Whole floor should be clear,
or will be soon.

Find an M1014 somewhere, or the Striker, and go up the stairs. Be ready to
blast the guy to the right through a doorway, but it's best to shoot through
the wall. Then breach the door nearby to this top room, pop the two behind
the table, then the last when he runs out.

*INTEL: In this upper room; not the blowup doll in the tub.*

Now to the basement. There are two doors. Equip your shotgun and enter the
first door on the right. Pick off the guy by the door you blasted, then the
one in the other room. You can swap your ACR for the M4A1 on the wall, and
a shotgun if you missed one earlier.

*INTEL: In this weapons room, across from the rack.*

Final door, this one leads you outside, so just blast the two enemies that
run away. Regroup with the squad upstairs. Plant the thing on the computer,
then get ready to quickly set up a defense at every entry point of this house.

You have 10 claymores (inventory), and that is probably all you have time to
set up. There are three main points of entry to this main room: front door,
side door you came in first, and the basement entry. But you don't want to lay
clusters of these things, one frag could destroy all you set up. Lay them
spread out, inside the room, around corners, in the driveway, and a few on the
stairs from the basement.

But the mines are just early safety nets. You want to take up point at the back
of this room, at the part that connects the kitchen to the living room and has
all the guns around. You will swing from covering the front door to covering
the basement/side entrance. It's really that simple in the early going, should
not be much difficult about it.

Halfway through the download, choppers drop guys behind you, among the trees,
and yes, they can shoot through the wall behind you. It's best to take brief
shots at them through the window, then crouch as you handle anything from the
two previous points. When the trees are devoid of enemies, start chucking
grenades to the basement stairs and you'll get a few. Mop up the rest and the
download will finish.

YOU must pick up the DSM when it's completed, so grab it, whip out your
shotgun, and blast your way through the front door and start heading down the
path to the marker. Now use your rifle and pick off tangos to the right.
Past the pond, turn on the jets and then hug the right rock as you kill the
eight or down below. Then just haul down to the safety of the marker.

The Enemy of My Enemy


*INTEL: Hop out of the plane and go right to the nearby plane to find this by
the cockpit.*

Kill the first guy, yes, who looks like an ally - he isn't. No one is, so
feel free to blast anything. Follow the path up the right, and the slower you
move the better because these guys will take each other off the map.

Past the road, find the corner of a plane to look through a window, and through
here just watch the sides fight it out. Get your MP5K out, it's a beast.

Now we will do something very stressful if you do it right. On this side of the
road you want to get to the left-side "wall" of the map, and just run behind
all the stuff and follow the fence. Three guys should pop up, so be ready to
blast and keep runing and take a short break in a hollowed-out shipping crate.

Now follow the left fence up to a dead-end amid much junk. Turn and take out
the enemies near, then hide in the corner if the heli takes fire at you. Now
get to the crashed plane and just stop at the top of it to wait for the battle
ahead to play out.

Big fight, so take a short break. After the mobile turrets show up, make sure
both gunners are out. Then clear a path to the left and run there, but not
into the plane, keep going left to the edge of the map. From here, take a
quick break as more activity starts nearby.

*INTEL: Inside the plane just across this road; the nose points to the road.*

Stay left and the enemies here will be more onto you than before, so now is the
time to mow down everyone. Just hug left, clear everything, hopefully you
don't have to bust RPGs at the chopper, it could be taken out by others. And
once you have a clear path, go ahead and run to straight ahead to the ride.

Now you just aim where he tells you or at anything you see. Once on the
runway, enemies in front, then get ready to hold the wheel. It's shaky to
say the least, just use your move control to try and best hit the ramp.

Just Like Old Times

Move up and wait until the left side bunch heads left. Soon after you're
given the all clear to hit the two on the right, which you can hit with one
shot, and feel free to take ol' Fido out back too.

Quickly slide down and move up behind the left group, then feel free to take
out either one and any dogs.

Get to the rappel point and use the brake about twice, including near the
bottom. Then just let go to hold above the guy, then melee to take him out
nice and silent.

Go in and then follow Price to the left as a patrol goes out the tunnel.
Quickly pop the guy by the TV.

*INTEL: After you kill him, run past him to the right to find this on a crate,
then quickly back to Price.*

Follow him left and around, then you have to time your next kill, the one
on the left, with Price, and the target pauses just as Price hits 3, so don't

Price takes the guy up the stairs. When you enter the steamy room, get your
backup gun out, head left, wait in the opening, toss a cooked frag down the
room, and then run to the little tunnel on the left and from here toss cooked
frags and just be aggressive as you fend off their attack. Move up, mow down
anything to the right side, and advance.

*INTEL: This is on a table on the left as you leave this steam room to the

Grab a riot shield, drop the sniper, and move up. This is kinda confusing,
and you may be better served to not use a shield. But if you do, must keep
moving up the path, if you can make it out, and Price will take out all the

After that, move up and toss a frag along this ridge as enemies rappel down,
then run left and start popping the enemies coming out and the shield-carriers
on the ridge. Clear this area out, watch for any hidden shield guys, they are
quiet, and then move to the cave. Swap your shield for the thermal gun, any
gun, and run straight ahead to an alcove on the right side. From here you will
use the thermal gun, frags, and your normal gun to mow down enemies across the

*INTEL: Laptop right on a crate in this alcove.*

Once it's clear, and it may take a while, then head to the door that gets
locked. Swap your thermal gun for the ACR to the right, then get ready to
breach. Four guys: right with a knife, two up the middle, then one left; all
single shops.

*INTEL: Quickly, follow Price and grab the intel to the left of him.*

Now hurry and use the computer behind Price and run out the door for a quick
scene. Then pick yourself up and run down the charred battlefield, down the
right side, not left. At the end, start in on the huge group from the tunnel,
and then hop down to enter it.


*INTEL: Grab it just before you hop on the boat.*

Get on and pull the fire button for accelerate. Just follow, and don't let
go of the gas. Fire at enemies in front of you, but it's not a huge priority.
In the wide river, just don't stop and I'm more than sure the choppers won't
hit you, but you can make sure they aren't in front of you to be safe.

Wind down the rapids, and just hold him in sight as you twist down the river.
When you see the chopper in the way, keep going, hold the boat steady at the
falls, and just sit back.

Head toward the fires. Feel free to kill the two goons if you want. Go around
the crash and chash him to a car, and try your best to cut him down.

Without much spoiling, look at the thing stuck in your chest, furiously pull it
out (maybe just when prompted but have at it throughout), aim, and fire.

* 5. Intel Locations ( INTEL55 )                                              *

S.S.D.D. ( 1 )
1. Across from the entrance to the pit, along some sandbags.

Team Player ( 2 )
2. In the last classroom before you leave, on the right wall.

3. As you exit the school, this laptop is right in your path.

Cliffhanger ( 3 )
4. Once you split up, go forward, feel free to clear the tangos all over
the right side, and go up the ladder to the tower for this one the catwalk.

5. In the hangar across from the one you enter with Soap, it's at the back
through a window you break.

6. Very hard to get this one, but it's not too bad. Just follow the
ride down the big slope. Once you reach about 1800m of the marker, it changes
around this point, so the second marker, try to stay on the right side to
see a small shack on the right. The laptop is between the trees just across
from this shack - you drive over it.

Takedown ( 4 )
7. You will have to almost clear this whole place out for this intel, so
take it slow, no rush. There are two paths to get through this favela, left or
right side of the map. This intel is at the very back, almost straight down
the middle. It's inside a green house with a bridge on the roof.

8. You'll find a small building with a ladder that leads from the street to
the doorway. Climb this short ladder and the intel is right inside the door.

9. The tall building opposite the building you found the last intel, it's on
the bottom floor.

10. On the last stretch you must fight, enter the first building on the right
and take the stairs down.

Wolverines! ( 4 )
11. In the gas station on the counter.

12. Now is an okay time to get this. Go north of Nates into the bank, and
clear it out. The laptop is toward the left side, at the north end of the

13. Also a good time to grab this one, in the taco place south of Nates,
in a booth.

14. Finish it out, grab this in a dumpster on the east side of Burger

The Hornet's Nest ( 4 )
15. At this point, go right and into the building, which has a garage and
a kitchen. The intel is on a table in the kitchen.

16. To the left of this grassy area, this laptop is in a little shack as
you start up the stairs.

17. After this road is clear, to the right is a blue car. Go up the
building it sits next to and you'll find this on the second level.

18. Before you go up to the roof, go right and you'll find this through
a window behind the soccer goal.

Exodus ( 3 )
19. Inside this front office building to the apartments.

20. See the archway up above? The intel is in the right-side station.

21. When you reach the second house on the right of this neighborhood,
find the stairs and the laptop is on a chair upstairs.

The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday ( 3 )
22. Up the stairs and almost going back outside, this laptop is on a

23. After Plan B, just through the doorway around the corner.

24. After you clear the final area before going to the top, this is in a little
fenced off area, under the stairs.

The Gulag ( 4 )
25. Up the stairs behind the entrance to the prison, it's on the wall in
this room.

26. Behind the monitors in the control room.

27. After pinned down in the armory, this is in the first cell beyond a locked

28. After you breach the wall in the sewers, turn around, to the right, and
quickly grab the intel.

Of Their Own Accord ( 2 )
29. Jump on the body in the building that is holding an elevator door open,
duck inside and grab the intel.

30. Up on the floor with the missile turret, this is through the door an
enemy was shooting from in the corner.

Contingency ( 3 )
31. After you kill three stationary guards, this is on a crate just to the left
of them.

32. Inside building 33, toward the opposite end by a door.

33. Just outside building 33, there is a helipad. Kill the guys up it and
take the stairs to find this laptop in a corner, not on the helipad though.

Whiskey Hotel ( 2 )
34. Through the door opened in the side building, pick this up on a couch
just up ahead.

35. At the top of the stairs in the White House as you are running to the roof,
go into the room and turn right to grab the intel on a desk, quickly.

Loose Ends ( 3 )
36. Go west behind the house and to the boathouse for this intel along it's
outer wall.

37. In the top room.

38. In the basement room you breach with all the weapons on the wall.

The Enemy of My Enemy ( 2 )
39. Hop out of the plane and go right to the nearby plane to find this by
the cockpit as you start.

40. When you reach the second road with a huge fight on your side, you will
cross the road and find this in the nose of a plane.

Just Like Old Times ( 4 )
41. After you pop a guy watching a TV in the tunnels, run by his location to
grab this intel.

42. This is on a table on the left as you leave the steam room with the red
laser fight.

43. In the smoke room with the gap, this is on a crate in the alcove on the
right side.

44. In the computer room, grab this on the left side of Price on a table.

Endgame ( 1 )
45. On the dock right before you board the boat.

* 7. Author Info / Copyright                                                  *





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