Star Trek Online Tips and Hints

Star Trek Online Tips and Hints

Here are some Star Trek Online Tips and Hints.

Things to do at 45+

  • Upgrade my ship with newer equipment from exploration badge vendors
  • Upgrade my character and bridge officer equipment via the same means
  • Each exploration set of missions takes about 30 mins, then a 30 min cooldown
  • Gain Tier 3 crafting at Memory Alpha for Science, Engineering and Tactical
  • Buy new ships, design, rename, upgrade and test them
  • PvP
  • All the missions I never completed after I hit Admiral
  • Checking out systems and planets I never visited
  • Gathering and contributing information to Wiki in my sig to help others
  • Test Bridge Officer skills to find the ones that suit my playstyle
  • Figuring out builds for my captain and learning what each does
  • Testing those builds when they get the respec option implemented

1. To prevent fps drops and stuttering, I have learned that it's best not to Alt+Tab out of the game once its up. It seems after you alt+tab out and come back, the game becomes much more prone to FPS drops and random jerkiness.

2. Your main character occasionaly gets new abiltiies. Levels 3 (ground), level 5 (space), and level 8 (ground abiltity). This happens every teir, so you get new powers at 13, 15, and 18, ect. Your class gets different skill based on their profession. At level 5 I got Rotate Shield Frequency as an Engineer. A science officer will get a different skillj, and doesn't get Rotate Shields.

Plus, your captain gets skills that make officers of their own type better. As an Engineer I have two class specific skills, one makes ground based engineers do better, and the other makes space based engineer skills better.

So, as an Engineer captain I buff my engineer officers twice. Once with the generic skill called Team Leader-Engineer that everyone has, and again with those two class specific engineer skills. To buff my science officer, all I can do is put points in Team Leader-Science, and that is it. I don't make the science guys do more because I cannot double buff them.

For example, 2 points in Team Leader-Engineer gets me 8% more effect than not having it. If I put 2 points into the class specific skill as well, then my Engineers will do another 8% more, thus doing 16% better than normal. If I max all three skills (generic Team Leader, and both class specific skills), each add 18% to the officers power. My bridge officer skill of "engineering away team" aka a heal spell will do 36% more healing than normal.

And this is only Teir 1 I am talking about. Teir-2 if you max out any skill to 9 you get a new clicky button to do something wiz-bang with. Again, your class, your class specific skills, only your class gets them.

Now, I don't have to use the engineer "cruiser" ship, but I think I will as that ship gets more slots for higher ranking bridge officers that will be the engineers that I buff more that tactical and science.

If you have any of your own Star Trek Online hints or tips to contribute, please post a comment below. Thanks for visiting the site!