Starcraft 2 Beta Starts This Month

At Activision-Blizzard's Q4 2009 conference, Blizzard announced today that the StarCraft II closed beta will begin at the end of the month. Blizzard stated, "the beta test will be global. Eager to begin this phase of development, final stretch before release. Mid 2010 release." In addition, Blizzard has released a preview of the new 2.0 service.

The new 2.0 service will feature an "adaptive and intelligent" matchmaking service, cross game communication, it's own leveling and achievement system and support for free and commercial downloadable content.

The Starcraft II beta will allow for thousands of players from around the world to experience the game, but only if they have opted-in with the new account system on There is still time to sign up.

A note about the beta, thanks to Slash:

"This is a CLOSED beta, so it is for those who obtained keys at the past few BlizzCon's or BWWI, or won one through a contest. I'm sure there will be more keys given out, but it still will not be open beta. Which is good, IMO. Some of the professional Korean players (not all, this is a longer story) will be playing it, along with nearly all of the top International players, and they will have a much better grasp on how the game should be balanced. It's going to be fucked to all hell on closed beta release, probably open beta (if this happens) and release as well. But hopefully with the right input and amount of longtime Starcraft players, this can be done sooner rather than later."