Red Dead Redemption 100% Completion Checklist

Red Dead Redemption 100% Completion Checklist

Note* All of these requirements have a Stat Category to go by. Some are where you wouldn't expect(i.e. Bounty Locations being at the bottom of the "Score" Category)

You must unlock all of these Outfits:
(Use the checkboxes to the left of each item to keep track of what you have completed. You can also print this page out and check the checkboxes with a pen or pencil.)
Elegant Suit
Bollard Twins
Treasure Hunters
Reye's Rebels
U.S. Army
U.S. Marshal

You must obtain all of these weapons:

Mauser Pistol
Lemat Revolver
Carcano Rifle
Semi Auto Shotgun
Evans Repeater

You must complete all Gang Hideouts:

Fort Mercer
Gaptooth Breach
Pike's Basin
Twin Rocks
Tesoro Azul

You must complete all Stranger Tasks(excluding "I Know You") = 18

You must achieve Rank 10 in all Ambient Challenges(Survivalist, Master Hunter, Sharpshooter, & Treasure Hunter)

You must purchase all properties (including the two rentable ones once) = 13

You must complete every Job atleast once; these Jobs are:

Ridgewood Farm's & Chuparosa's Horsebreaking Jobs

Macfarlane Ranch's, Chuparosa's, & Blackwater's Nightwatch Jobs

You must win at every minigame:

Liar's Dice
Five Finger Fillet*
Arm Wrestling*

Note*: These minigames have a chain of opponents. You must beat more than one in a row for the game to acknowledge you've beaten the minigame

Complete your Map for all Locations*; maps to automatically discover areas can be purchased from the following:

Hennigan's Stead - Macfarlane's Ranch
Cholla Springs - Armadillo
Rio Bravo - Thieves' Landing
Gaptooth Ridge - Armadillo
Perdido - Chuparosa
Diez Coronas - Chuparosa
Great Plains - Blackwater
Tall Trees - Manzanita Post

Note*:You only get the percentage increase for completing a region, not for each individual area discovered. Meaning you get an increase for finding all of the Frontier Locations, one for all of the Mexico Locations, & one for all of the Northern Locations.

You must have a knowledge of all possible Bounty Locations:

There are 8 in New Austin, 8 in Mexico, & 4 in Northern Territories. Be forewarned, Bounties may repeat locations before you've hit them all, BUT that DOES NOT mean the Stat won't increase anyway. In my case, the Northern Territories did not demand I actually claim a bounty from each location specifically. I captured a Bounty from Tanner's Reach, Nekoti Rock, & then I got Aurora Basin 3 times in a row, but it says I have 4 Bounty Locations for the Northern Territories despite having never claimed a Bounty from Bearclaw Camp.