Star Wars The Old Republic = Mass Effect 2 Online?

Star Wars The Old Republic = Mass Effect 2 Online

Every day the Old Republic is looking more and more like Mass Effect 2 online. Which is great news to anyone who has played it. In a recent interview, Daniel Erickson the lead designer and storywriter at BioWare gave praise to the popular RPG, which he claims has inspired a complete change in The Old Republic's voiceovers.

BioWare states that the original Mass Effect caused the team to adjust their thinking about The Old Republic early in development.

Here is a direct quote from Erickson:

"Originally the game was built far more like Dragon Age as far as [the] Conversation System went," he said. "Our player characters were not going to be voiced because it's a massively insane expenditure and hugely complicated to do. You have to cast 16 of the best actors ever and then hold them for eternity"

You can find the entire interview over at CVG.