What is the best keyboard and mouse for gaming?

When trying to decide which keyboard and mouse to go with for gaming purposes, our choice at GR is the G11 keyboard and the MX518 mouse.

When you combine both the G11 with the MX518, you will find to be unstoppable in most online multiplayer games, especially FPS shooters. The G11 includes a back light, as well as soft type keys for easy typing. The G11 also includes special macro keys, which are very useful in certain games.

The MX518 is very comfortable and has really high dpi resolution (1600), great for FPS shooters. It also includes on the fly sensitivity and task switching.

Here is some more information about the G11 keyboard + MX518 mouse gaming combo:

G11 Keyboard

"This keyboard went big, and did so with style. With a massive twenty-nine function keys, it integrates a macro key with eighteen G keys to allow on-the-fly programming while still in the game. It also features a unique, but so necessary, off switch for the window key so you will never again be ejected from a game at the worse possible moment."

MX518 Mouse

"The Logitech MX518 redefines extreme gaming mice with the award-winning MX Optical Engine that delivers an ultra-high 1600 dpi resolution. This yields pixel-by-pixel positioning accuracy to really sharpen your game. This 8-button mouse provides up to 15 g of acceleration and gives you precise aiming accuracy with minimal mouse movement. The included SetPoint software, exclusive to Gaming-Grade mice, is ahead of its time, letting you choose between 5 custom level sensitivity settings, so that you get the right feel and movement.

In-game switching to three sensitivity levels (1,600, 800, and 400 dpi resolution) facilitates precise targeting and fast-evasion gaming. The super-slick feet provide smooth and precise movements and targeting. The MX518 has been specifically designed for long-hour high-intensity gaming sessions with a contoured grip design and a sculpted thumb support for superior grasp and unparalleled comfort."