Mini Starcraft 2 Strategy Guide

Here is a mini strategy guide for those who are in need of some help of starting out in Starcraft 2. Enjoy these great tips, and please, if you have some of your own tips, leave a comment to share them. (Thanks to OneZero for these tips)

Starcraft 2 Tips:

1) Learn the tech tree.

2) Learn which units counter which. Each unit has tags such as "armored", "massive", "light", and "biological" attached to it and certain units do bonus damage vs those types.

3) Go back to #2. Everything has a counter and the game really is quite balanced at this point.

4) Scout. The above is useless unless you know what the enemy is doing. If you lost a game, first thing you should ask is: did I scout? What did I learn from the scout?

5) Macro. 30 harvesters per base is "saturated" (24 on minerals, 6 on gas). Thirty. Not 25, not 28. Thirty. If all your buildings are producing and you have extra money, that means you need to build more production buildings. For reference, Protoss can support 4 Gateways per base. If you ever have 500+ minerals in the bank and aren't saving for an expansion, practice more. Spend that money.
Make sure to build supply ahead of time, so you don't get supply locked.

6) Micro. Learn to play with at least 2 hotkey groups of units. Don't just stick them all in a single control group and "attack move". Try to move injured units to the back. Learn when to retreat. Repair damaged Terran units, etc.
A good tactic with ranged units is to move them away, hit 'H' for "hold position"...this will cause them to fire on anything in range...move them away again. Practice your timing on this, then try target firing (right click) weak enemy units instead of just pressing 'H'.

7) Misc stuff. Learn to wall your ramps, when to expand, various build orders, stealing your enemy's gas geysers, blocking their expansion sites with buildings, etc.