Starcraft 2 Tips and Hints for Beginners

Starcraft 2 Tips and Hints for Beginners

Here are a few tips for beginners who just can't seem to win a game in Starcraft 2:

1. Don't skip the practice league, all games here will not count and it is a excellent opportunity to learn the game while facing real human opponents.

2. Don't think that by finishing the campaign, it will make you better, many of the campaign units don't even exist in multiplayer.

3. Pick a race and stick with it for a few games, just because you are bad with one race doesn't mean you will do any better with another one, all 3 races are unique and it takes time to learn to play with each one.

4. Spend resources at all times and don't let them build up, having 2000 crystals will not win you the game, turning them in to units will.

5. Watch some high ranked games on youtube, I recommend HuskyStarcraft and HDstarcraft channels, they have great commentary and the games aren't usually boring. You can learn a lot by watching "the pro's". Look for things like:

Early game builds for a good economy
Building a counter to each race
How to effectively use your resources
How to properly utilize the maps to your advantage

6. Scout around! You need to know what your enemy is doing so you can counter him, once I almost lost a game despite being having much better economy and more units simply because I missed a players mass carriers and did not have sufficient anti-air.

7. Don't give up. You can't learn by not doing, play and you will get better in time.
Even if you keep losing, each game that you lose will only make you a better player, and next time, you won't make the same mistakes again. Even if your record becomes 0-40, don't give up. Eventually you will start winning. Remember a lot of people have played Starcraft for 12 years now, so they have their strategies down. Don't get discouraged if you keep losing.

A Rough Zerg Opening
9 overlord
(late) 10 scout
13 or 14 pool
see core, 15 or 16 hatch
16 overlord
@pool: 2 lings 1 queen, kill scout then control watchtowers/watch for zealots
gas around here (get gas around 15-16 against 2 gate so you can get roaches or speedlings in time, or if you want to do roach pressure/feint instead of power drones--you can get it a bit later otherwise)
@expansion: queen
@first queen: spawn larvae, start third queen
@second queen: spawn larvae, lair
@25 energy on first queen: creep tumor in main, move this queen to nat to start spreading creep, third queen finishes

If you have some of your own tips for Starcraft 2, please leave a comment. Thanks for visiting!