Starcraft 2 Memory Leak, Lock up, Crash Bug Fix

Starcraft 2 has a strange memory leak which causes it to crash and lock up while loading between a mission and the ship. There is a memory leak once the game passes 2GB of memory used, it hits the limit and crashes. Thanks to Arof for this fix.

Here is an easy fix that requires installing Explorer Suite


Before anything, make sure you backup your original SC2 exe file because the next time you patch Starcraft 2 you will need the original exe.

1. Open CFF Explorer and then open your SC2 .exe file.

2. Go to the "File Header" section (under Nt Headers) and click the "Click here" on the Characteristics row.

3. Check the "App can handle >2gb addressest" box, then click OK

4. Go to "Save as", and then rename your existing SC2.exe (for backup)

5. Save the current version as SC2.exe, and voila, the game now won't crash when it's memory space gets too big (you still might want to restart occasionally if you have 4GB of ram or SC2 will push all your other programs out of memory)

This has been done for Firefox, World of Warcraft and Sims 3 before to prevent crashes, so it is known to be safe.