Civilization V Research and Technology Guide

Civilization 5 Research and Technology Guide

There are many different technologies in different eras in the Civilization V. Each technology has certain price and can lead to new techs and unlocks. The following are lists of the technologies found in Civilization V.

Select an Era:

Ancient Era
No. Name Cost Prerequisite Techs Lead to Techs Unlocks
1 Agriculture 20 None Pottery, Animal
Husbandry, Archery,
2 Animal husbandry 35 Agriculture Trapping, The Wheel Horses, Pasture
3 Archery 35 Agriculture Mathematics Archer
4 Bronze Working 50 Mining Iron Working Spearman, Hoplite, Immortal, Barracks, Krepost,
The Colossus, remove Jungle
5 Calendar 70 Pottery Theology Stonehenge, Plantation
6 Masonry 55 Mining Construction Walls, The Pyramids, Quarry, clear a Marsh
7 Mining 35 Agriculture Masonry, Bronze
Mines, remove Forest
8 Pottery 35 Agriculture Sailing, Calendar,
9 Sailing 55 Pottery Optics Granary
10 The Wheel 55 Animal Husbandry Horseback Riding,
Work Boat, Trireme, The Great Lighthouse, Fishing
11 Trapping 55 Animal Husbandry Civil Service Chariot Archer, War Chariot, War Elephant, Floating
Gardens, Water Mill, build a Road
12 Writing 55 Pottery Philosophy Paper Maker, Library, National College, The Great
Library, Open Borders

Classical Era
No. Name Cost Prerequisite Techs Lead to Techs Unlocks
1 Construction 100 Masonry Engineering Colosseum, The Great Wall, bridges over rivers
2 Horseback riding 100 The Wheel Chivalry Horseman, Companion Cavalry, Stable, Circus
3 Iron Working 150 Bronze Working Metal Casting Swordsman, Mohawk Warrior, Legion, Armory,
Heroic Epic, Iron
4 Mathematics 100 The Wheel,Archery Currency,Engineering Catapult, Ballista, The Hanging Gardens, Courthouse
5 Optics 80 Sailing Compass Lighthouse, Embarking
6 Philosophy 100 Writing Theology, Civil Service Mud Pyramid, Burial Tomb, Temple, National Epic,
The Oracle, Research Agreements
Medieval Era
No Name Cost Prerequisite Techs Lead to techs Unlocks
1 Chivalry 440 Civil Service,
Horseback Riding,
Banking Knight, Camel Archer, Naresuan’s Elephant,
Mandekalu Cavalry, Mughal Fort, Castle, Himeji
Castle, Defensive Pact Treaties
2 Civil Service 400 Philosophy,
Chivalry Pikeman, Landsknecht, Chichen Itza, +1 Food for
Farms along fresh water
3 Compass 340 Optics Astronomy Harbor
4 Currency 250 Mathematics Chivalry Market, Mint, Bazaar, Machu Picchu
5 Education 440 Theology Astronomy,Acoustics,Bankings Wat, University, Oxford University, Notre Dame, The
Porcelain Tower
6 Engineering 250 Mathematics,
Machinery,Physics Lumbermill, Fort
7 Machinery 440 Engineering Printing press Crossbowman, Chu-Ko-Nu, Longbowman, faster
road movement
8 Metal Casting 250 Iron Working Physics,Steel Longhouse, Forge, Workshop
9 Physics 440 Engineering, Metal
Printing press,gunpowder Trebuchet
10 Steel 440 Metal Casting Gunpowder Longswordsman, Samurai
11 Theology 250 Calendar,
Education Monastery, Garden, Angkor Wat, The Hagia Sophia

Renaissance Era
No. Name Cost Prerequisite Techs Lead to Techs Unlocks
1 Acoustics 650 Education Scientific Theory Opera House, The Sistine Chapel, The Kremlin
2 Archaeology 1300 Navigation Biology Museum, Hermitage, The Louvre
3 Astronomy 650 Education,Compass Navigation Museum, Hermitage, The Louvre
4 Banking 650 Education,Chivalry Economics Satrap’s Court, Bank, The Forbidden Palace
5 Chemistry 900 Gunpowder Military Science, Fertilizer Cannon, Ironworks
6 Economics 900 Banking,Printing press Military Science Cannon, Ironworks
7 Fertilizer 1300 Chemistry Dynamite Farms without Fresh Water yield increased by 1
8 Gun Powder 680 Physics,Steel Chemistry,Metallurgy Musketman, Minuteman, Musketeer, Janissary
9 Metallurgy 900 Gunpowder Rifling Lancer, Sipahi
10 Military Science 1300 Economics,Chemistry Steam Power Cavalry, Cossack, Military Academy, Brandenburg
11 Navigation 900 Astronomy Archaelogy,Scientific theory Frigate, Ship of the Line, Seaport
12 Printing Press 650 Machinery,Physics Economics Theatre, Taj Mahal
13 Rifling 1425 Metallurgy Dynamite Rifleman
14 Scientific Theory 1300 Navigation,Acoustics Biology,Steam power Public School, Coal

Industrial Era
No. Name Cost Prerequisite Techs Lead to Techs Unlocks
1 Biology 1680 Archaeology,
Scientific Theory
Electricity Hospital, Oil, Well
2 Combustion 2200 Replaceable Parts,
Railroad, Dynamite
Atomic Theory,
Tank, Panzer
3 Dynamite 1900 Fertilizer, Rifling Combustion Artillery
4 Electricity 1900 Biology, Steam
Telegraph, Radio
Stock Exchange, Aluminum, Destroyer
5 Flight 2220 Replaceable Parts Radar Carrier, Fighter, Zero
6 Radio 2200 Electricity Radar, Mass Media Anti-Aircraft Gun, Broadcast Tower, Eiffel Tower
7 Railroad 1900 Steam Power Combustion Arsenal, Railroad
8 Refrigeration 2200 Electricity Plastics, Penicillin Submarine, Offshore Platform
9 Replaceable Parts 1900 Steam Power Flight, Combustion Anti-Tank Gun, Infantry, Foreign Legion, Statue of
10 Steam Power 1680 Scientific Theory,
Military Science
Replaceable Parts,
Ironclad, Factory, Lumber Mill Production yield
increased by 1, faster embarked movement
11 Telegraph 2200 Electricity Electronics Battleship, Military Base, Cristo Redentor

Modern Era
No Name Cost Prerequisite Techs Lead to Techs Unlocks
1 Advanced ballistics 3350 Lasers, Nuclear
Nuclear Fusion Nuclear Missile
2 Atomic theory 2600 Combustion Nuclear Fission The Manhattan Project, Uranium
3 Computers 3000 Electronics, Mass
Robotics Nuclear Submarine, Mobile SAM
4 Ecology 3000 Plastics, Penicillin Globalization Solar Plant
5 Electronics 2600 Telegraph Computers Mechanized Infantry
6 Globalization 3350 Ecology Particle Physics United Nations, Sydney Opera House
7 Lasers 3000 Radar, Combustion Stealth, Advanced
Modern Armor, Jet Fighter
8 Mass Media 2600 Radio Computers Stadium
9 Nuclear Fission 3000 Atomic Theory Advanced Ballistics Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Plant
10 Penicillin 2600 Refrigeration Ecology Medical Lab
11 Plastics 2600 Refrigeration Ecology Research Lab, Hydro Plant
12 Radar 2600 Radio, Flight Rocketry, Lasers Bomber, B17 Bomber, Paratrooper, Pentagon
13 Robotics 3350 Computers Particle Physics Spaceship Factory, SS Booster, Missile Cruiser
14 Rocketry 3000 Radar Satellites Helicopter Gunship, Rocket Artillery, Apollo Program
15 Satellites 3350 Rocketry Particle Physics,
Nuclear Fusion
SS Cockpit, Guided Missile
16 Stealth 3350 Lasers Nuclear Fusion Stealth Bomber

Future Era
No. Name Cost Prerequisite Techs Lead to Techs Unlocks
1 Future Tech 4000 Nanotechnology,
Nuclear Fusion
None A repeating tech which increases your Score each
time its completed
2 Nanotechnology 3300 Particle Physics Future Tech SS Stasis Chamber
3 Nuclear Fusion 3600 Satellites, Stealth,
Advanced Ballistics
Future Tech Giant Death Robot
4 Particle Physics 3350 Globalization,
Robotics, Satellites
Nanotechnology SS Engine