Civilization V Skip Intro

Civilization V How To Skip Intro

Here is how to skip that intro cinematic which won't stop playing no matter which button you press when you first start up Civilization V.


1. Browse to My Documents\My Games\ Sid Meier's Civilization 5 
2. Find the file called "UserSettings.ini" and open it using Notepad, or Wordpad.
3. Once the file is open, find the "SkipIntroVideo" setting which is set to 0. (You can use CTRL + F to find it fast)
4. Set "SkipIntroVideo" to 1, save and close the file. The intro should not come up when you start the game anymore.

(Note: Although this skips the intro video, you will still see a black screen for a bit when you launch the game, because it is loading. Usually the game loads while the cinematic is playing, that is why you can't skip it right away.)