First Civilization V Patch Out Today

First Civilization V Patch

Here are the patch notes for the new Civilization V patch that was added last night.

Civilization V patch

  • Special character fix for Windows usernames: Users with non-english characters in their windows username would experience a game crash. This has been fixed, and a forthcoming fix will address an issue related to this where game victories are not recorded in the Hall of Fame.
  • Default resolution fix for DX9: Some users who have non-standard or below the minimum specification resolutions crashed before starting. Now, the system will change to Windowed mode and start so it does not crash.
  • AI city weighting: AI will not quite as freely offer up their cities when asking for peace.
  • Gold per turn glitch: When agreeing to a deal for anything above 5 gold per turn in exchange for something else (like a luxury), the deal would always only pay 5 gold per turn, regardless of the amount proposed. This has been corrected.

UPDATE The upcoming patch notes have been posted.