Fallout New Vegas Sniper Build

Fallout New Vegas Sniper Build

Fallout New Vegas Sniper Build guide by Captain-Oshie.

I just built this build of a sniper off the top of my head, so if anything's wrong with it, please let me know.


Strength: 6
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 8
Luck: 9

Small Frame (+1 AGL, limbs cripple easier)
4 Eyes Trait

Lily (for extra critical damage she gives, and stealth boy bonus)
Boone (back up fire if needed)
You can put ED-E in, but he really isn't needed that much, and sticks out to

Red Beret
Chinese Stealth Armor or Recon Armor (If you really want, you can take 2 off of
STR and put it into INT, then wear the T-51b power armor, this gives you more
skill points to use throughout the game, but makes it kind of hard to do
anything if you don't have the power armor).

Unless you know you are going to be fighting close quarters (which you
shouldn't be), you should wear this, since you should kill most enemies without
them noticing.


2: Confirmed Bachelor / Black Widow
4: Educated
6: Hardcore-Comprehension Core-Bloody Mess
8: Hardcore-Strong Back Core-Comprehension
10: Finesse
12: Pack Rat
14: Hardcore-Entomologist Core-Shotgun Surgeon (this is a back up for if they
get close)
16: Better Criticals
18: Tag!
20: Adamantium Skeleton
22: Toughness
24: Toughness (2)
26: Lady Killer /
[link=http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Cherchez_La_Femme]Cherchez La Femme[/link]
28: Intense Training (STR or END) I lean towards STR.
30: Intense Training (STR or END)

Build Description:

This build is primarily meant for being far away, and picking off things before
they know what hit them. At the beginning of the game it will be kind of rough
but you start out with around 40 Gun and Sneak skill (after getting to level 2,
you up them to 40). After that go after nothing but Lock Picking. If you want,
you can bump back Bloody Mess to level 8 (or if you're playing Hardcore, not
bother getting it at all until 28/30) and get Comprehension instead.

Then get a Lock picking magazine, go to the sniper perch near Cottonwood Legion Camp. Up
there is a very hard weapon case that holds a slightly above average sniper
(can't remember the name). It's one of the more powerful snipers in the game,
and is fairly accurate. If my adding is correct (and you're using
Comprehension), you should be able to get it by level 6. The reason I don't
have Jury Rig on there is because of the Weapon Repair kits you can build. You
only need a magazine and skill 30(40) to start building them, or just 50 in
general. Not to mention Boone or Lily can be replaced by Raul, who has a pretty
nice revolver for close range. Also, I suggest going to Vault 3 and getting one
of theirs suits since it gives +5 Repair & +5 Lock Picking. Early on in the
game you can use ED-E until you get someone else. It's not a great attacker,
but it's sensors are useful and it's a nice pack mule.

This build is entirely meant to bring down the opponent in 1 shot, from a
distance that VATS would be completely useless. I don't really like that kind
of play style, simply because I have to take time to line up the shot, however,
there isn't quite a feeling like taking down a whole base from afar and they
never even get close to you.

Anyway, start of the game and get Guns & Sneak to 40, that will be enough to
shoot from afar and not be noticed. Then get Lock Picking to 80(90) as fast as
you can so you can get a pretty nice sniper rifle early on (I personally
suggest run through a lot of stuff and going straight to Vault 3 early on (Kill
a fiend and wear their outfit so you don't have to go through a ton of them
early on). After that, get repair up to 30 (40). Then get Bartering up to 70 (a
bit rough to do). Then Survival up to 45. then you're good to go into Guns and
Sneak. However you'll be about level 14 by the time you get to that point.
Early game is a bit rough this way, but the end game is so much easier.

I'll build a energy build tomorrow. It's much easier.

As promised. This build can be changed a little here and there with your own
preferences. I'm just trying to give a energy weapon based character that goes
through the game pretty easy.

Strength: 4
Perception: 5
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 8
Luck: 9

Small Frame

Trigger Discipline

Red Beret

Gannon Family Tesla Armor (though you'll need to wear something like Ranger
armor before hand, or power armor if you get it early on)

2: Confirmed Bachelor / Black Widow
4: Educated
6: Comprehension
8: Commando
10: Hardcore-Strong Back Core-Finesse
12: Hardcore-Pack Rat Core-Plasma Spaz
14: Shotgun Surgeon
16: Better Criticals
18: Sniper
20: Tag!
22: Laser Commander
24: Toughness
26: Toughness (2)
28: Lady Killer / Cherchez La Femme
30: Adamantium Skeleton

When you start off, you want to get a good shotgun and what not, since that
will be your main weapon. Single barrel shotgun is uneffected by Trigger
Discipline trait, since it only has 1 shot. Get Energy weapons to 40 (should
have this by level 3) and then go for lock picking. Get it to 55 (level 6) and
have a lock picking magazine. Then go to Novac and get Boone. Then go to
Repcomm headquarters and on the bottom floor there is a door that is HARD to
pick. Use the magazine and pick it. Then go in and grab the Q-35 Matter
Modulator. This is going to be your main weapon for a long while.

After that you can go to the 188 trading post near there and talk to Veronica
to get her into your party. Then you can go to hidden valley, get into the
Brotherhood of Steel, and then go into their sleeping quarters and ransack the
place (make sure you're hidden). After this it's really up to you where you go
in the game. Single Shotgun will rule close quarters and the Modulator will do
pretty good at close range too.

I put some emphasis on accuracy in VATS because when you enter a room with 4
people, it's nice to be able to hit them all in the head without having to
manually aim. This was the first class I made and played on Very Hard with, and
I breezed through the game with it. It's real weakness is the no extra damage to
mutated insects (makes the flys and scopions a pain). You can toss that in over
Shotgun Surgeon, but only do that if you're planning to completely specialize
in energy weapons.