Gran Turismo 5 Tuning Tips

Gran Turismo 5 Tuning Tips

Here are some Gran Turismo 5 tuning tips by Rubrbrnr, if you have some tips you would like to add, you can use the comment section below the post. Thanks for your contributions.

- Drop the height by approx. 10mm (generally the flatter/smoother the track the lower the ride height).

- Add/increase spring/damper rates but don't go too crazy with these. Too hard and the car will start to lose grip over the bumps. 5 all around is a pretty good starting point for most cars, but play around and see what your maximum speed is going through a particular corner.

Add more to the front for F/F or F/R cars and add more to the rear for M/R cars, but be careful no to add too much to the drive wheels or the car will not get the power to the ground. Generally, improve an ill handling car by the following rule: oversteer = soften rear/stiffen front, understeer = soften front/stiffen rear

- Add atleast a 2 to 3 (negative) degrees of camber. Add more (>4) for the high bank courses. Generally oversteer = reduce front camber/increase rear. Understeer = increase front camber/ reduce rear.

- Jack up the brake bias. Everyone always overlooks the brake bias (I can shave up to half a second off with the right brake settings - compared to default). I haven't found a car yet that worked best at the default 5/5. I typically use an 8/7 or 7/6 (f/r) setup for F/F or F/R cars and an 6/7 or 7/8 setup for most M/R cars. Heavier cars may respond better at 8 or 9.

I don't really get Polyphony when it comes to the brake setup as you usually can't adjust total braking "power" on a car, just bias (%) front/rear (i.e. adding power to the front brakes takes braking power away from the rear). Not very "sim"-like Polyphony (maybe something to add to the "Please Fix This" list I saw somewhere.

- Lastly, adjust your final drive ratio until you're almost on the limiter in top gear going down the longest straight (leave 500 to 1000 rpm in reserve for drafting). Only adjust individual gear ratios if you find yourself hunting between two gears in a critical corner (i.e. shifting as you exit the corner).