Pirates of the Burning Sea Now Free to Play!

You can now play Pirates of the Burning Sea™ for free! No subscription is required to access and play much of the game. Premium content is now available for purchase through the in-game store, Treasure Aisle, or through a Captain's Club membership, available for US$14.99 per month (plus applicable taxes)

Features of Pirates of the Burning Sea

  • Choose to be a Naval Officer, Privateer, Freetrader, Buccaneer or Cutthroat.
  • Battle other players to control more than 80 conquerable ports in the Caribbean.
  • Become an elected Port Governor and influence economy and defenses.
  • Engage in tactical ship combat, firing broadsides and boarding the enemy using one of over 150 historical ships.
  • Specialize in one of four different styles of land combat
  • formal Fencing, dual-wielding
  • --
  • Florentine, treacherous Dirty Fighting or brutal Brawling.
  • Explore the world and make a name for yourself in more than 1000 missions.
  • Vie for power and wealth with the fully player-driven economy.
  • Design your own personal flags and customized sail patterns.
Check out the official Pirates of the Burning Sea website to get started.