Black OPS Tips and Hints

Black Ops Tips and Hints

Here are some Call of Duty Black OPS tips, if you would like to submit your own, please contact us. Thank you for your submissions.

Silenced Rushing Tip by Aerotobi:

I like to rush with a silenced AR (AK47, M16). Usually run either Ghost, Warlord, and Marathon or I swap Warlord with Sleight of Hand or Marathon with Ninja. There is a range of diverse routes you can take in every map, but the best approach is to rush to safe spots of low traffick before entering hot spots on the map. Avoid cutting into spawn routes and instead go behind or to the side from where they're spawning. Don't stay too long and try to migrate away from where you stay to the other side slowly since the enemy will pick up on this. I try to leave C4 where I was and detonate it once I'm safely away by double tapping X.

Hacker is nice to find equipment that may well potentially ruin your flank path. I sometimes put Motion Sensors in low traffick areas and run off and maintain an eye on the red blips to catch flankers. Marathon is the obvious rush perk, however as I use a headset, I prefer Ninja because it helps me hear which direction enemies come from and helps me stay a bit more secure from enemies who also use a headset.

In close combat situations the person who hipfires first will usually win. Steady Aim Pro will help you ADS quicker out of sprinting, but you should not be sprinting into a firefight in the first place, and more crucial, avoid getting caught off guard as the flanker. Meanwhile, Sleight of Hand Pro helps you ADS faster in general, and the fast reload is always nifty in a pinch. I use Warlord for Duel Mags merely because I prefer the extra ammo along with the Suppressor. Scavenger isn't helping since I'm running Ghost to avoid SP and not all guns enemies use have the Suppressor either. Then the extra lethal and tactical grenade is always good too.