Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Information

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Information

General Information

  • There is a sprint mechanic that will use up stamina
  • There is difficulty scaling.
  • Bethesda have enlisted many more voice actors.
  • Characters will behave more naturally by doing things while they talk to you
  • The Camera will not zoom in during conversations.
  • Running backwards is slower than running forwards
  • The game will customise unique encounters based on the things you do
  • There are more activities offered in towns (forge work, alchemy, enchantment, farming, mining, woodcutting, cooking, etc)

  • Combat

  • Bow and arrow attacks do a lot more damage
  • Designed to feel more tactile
  • Weapons and spells can be applied separately for each hand.
  • There are unique finishing moves
  • Dragon Shouts are a new mechanic within the game
  • You will fight dragons throughout the game
  • Levelling, Skills & Spells

  • The class system has been removed
  • Your overall level will increase faster if you focus on specific skills, the more skills you practice the slower you will level up.
  • There are 18 skills
  • There are 85 spells
  • Leveling will automatically improve health, the player then has the choice of further boosting health, stamina or magicka
  • There are now perks similar to Fallout
  • Once the player has reached level 50, further leveling is dramatically slower.
  • Mysticism has been removed due to redundancy
  • Environments

  • There are 6-7 world environments
  • The northern coast of Skyrim is covered in ice, snow and glaciers. To the west it's rocky and craggy and in the middle of Skyrim there is a large tundra (A
  • tundra is a biome where the tree growth is hindered by low temperatures and short growing seasons.)
  • There are 5 main cities
  • Underground areas will be more varied (Icy caves, forgotten crypts)
  • Environments are deliberately beautiful
  • Graphics

  • Characters will show more emotion in their facial expressions
  • Large draw distances
  • Dynamic shadows for all game objects
  • Improved third-person perspective
  • Realistic falling snow
  • Independent moving tree branches
  • Dragons will have a stone like appearance
  • Interfaces & Menu

  • HUD free option
  • The main menu comprises of skills, inventory, map and magic
  • The menu superficially interacts with the world around you
  • The menu has been designed around organising data efficiently
  • All objects have a 3D image for you to examine
  • The map is an interactive real time screen shot of the world you're in.

Story & Setting

The King has died, the people of Skyrim are now divided on whether to secede from the empire or to stay a part of it, this conflict could spark civil war. The Elder Scrolls prophesied the return of Dragons. Signs of a shattered Staff of Chaos (Elder Scrolls: Arena), the appearance of Numidium (Daggerfall), the volcanic Red Mountain (Morrowind), the opening of the Oblivions Gates (Oblivion) and a Civil War were all precursors to the truth, the destruction of the world through fire, a dragon named Alduin also known as The World Eater will ravage the world.

You are guided by Esbern, one of the few surviving blades. He's been following the prophecies and knows that Tamriel is in serious danger. You belong to a dieing blood line, you are the only known Dragonborn in Skyrim, a blood line capable of facing dragons. Skyrim is set 200 years after Oblivion.